“Value of Advertising” report: Advertising brings significant benefits within EU

A newly released European report shows that each Euro invested in advertising brings 7 times higher benefits related to GDP, encourages innovation, insures the occupation of the work force and helps investments in important services….

CCC is expanding in Turkey, opens location in Izmir

Starting October 2015, CCC will be operating at two sites in Turkey: in Izmir and in Istanbul. Currently 150 jobs for the new CCC Team are being created in Izmir as a first step….

Jeremy Hine: “The leaders’ own passion and enthusiasm for the business should cascade right down through the organization”

  AdH: How important do you think that still are the trainings in today’s advertising world? (Do you still send people to festivals such as Cannes, Portoroz, etc, Do you offer them trainings with…

Job opportunity: Junior Web Developer for immediate hiring

XPLAIN is looking for a Junior Web Developer for immediate hiring XPLAIN is a leading Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media & Word of Mouth Marketing, operating in 10 countries, providing Unique Services to local…

Job opportunity: Junior Social Media Copywriter wanted!

International Content Marketing Agency is looking for Junior Social Media Copywriter XPLAIN, the leading Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media & Word of Mouth Marketing, operating in 10 countries, is looking for…

Jobs fair for Romanian communication industry, to be held in Bucharest

Romanian Media FEM – National Journalism School launches the first series of job fairs encouraging chances and gender equality within Romanian communication industry. The fairs will be organized in Bucharest, Ploiesti and Pitesti in May,…

Romanian The Public Advisors seeks to expand its team

Romanian The Public Advisors is seeking to expand its team with one new employee. The agency demands from the candidates a minimum 1.5 years of experience in PR, preferably (but not mandatory) people…

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