Romanian paint Vinarom is back, refreshed by Storience

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Romanian branding agency Storience redraw the label for one of the most known Romanian painting products, Vinarom from Policolor.

Used since back in 1970’s, Vinarom paint has nowadays an improved formula, being the ideal product for renovation or fast sanitation of any spaces, insuring a high degree of whiteness.

You rarely have the occasion to help a brand with a name that became an usual word, present on ordinary people’s lips, that use it for the entire category of the products it is part of. It is a name similar to Xerox and Frigidaire, but born and that reached its maturity here, between village fences and our town’s neighborhoods

Ștefan Liute,

Strategy Director Storience.

This brand from economy category – but an inspirational economy – is similar with the millions of Romanians it served over tens of years: its new packaging design is not pretentious, but reliable. It is modest, spry and does more than it seems

Adriana Liute,

Managing Partner Storience.

Storience team working on the redesign included Andrei Robu, Adriana Liute and Stefan Liute – creative direction, Adriana & Stefan Liute – Copywriting and Andrei Robu and Dan Dulau – design.

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