A sneak-peak behind the curtain for the newest Jazz’ campaign for Muller

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Jazz Romania recently launched a new campaign for Muller, for Das Kaskaval product, after the agency also handled a project of packaging redesign for brand’s line of yogurts.

A look behind the curtain, courtesy of Loredana Banica, Client Service Director Jazz, which gave us more insight over the new campaign, the way it was conceived, but also over the packaging redesign the agency did for Muller yogurts.

Loredana Banica, Client Service Director Jazz
Loredana Banica, Client Service Director Jazz

How did you start working for Muller? (Did you win a pitch?, first project etc)

Our partnership started in Q2 2013. At that time Muller Romania was looking for a partner and was evaluating different agencies, so we started with a test project related to the Muller brand strategy and creative approach. The common vision, the good understanding of the brand and the chemistry we all had represented the beginning of our collaboration.

The dairy market in Romania is very challenging, with many changes and new product launches / new designs, etc, how is Muller different in the category?

Indeed it is a very competitive one. The main players are fighting for each inch of the shelf and in the past year we witnessed different changes in terms of ranges, formats and design, but overall keeping the same brand positioning – around tradition, health or dairy as energy source.

For more than 100 years, Müller is known at European level for its concern for taste and exceptional quality of products. So no matter the changes or novelties it introduces, the ubertaste positioning, the quality, sensuality and modernity are the attributes which make Muller different. When somebody buys a Pezzi yogurt or a Fructiv drink or the Muller milk, he knows that he gets a great taste and a great quality product.

What was your inspiration for the new Muller packaging design?  How would you characterize the new packaging? What are its attributes?

The yogurt heart, designed in a different style for each product of the whites category, springs from the brand positioning – Muller has ubertaste = a taste you fell in love with.

The heart became the best way, and at the same time the simplest, to represent this love.

It is a completely different graphic approach on the market, keeping the Muller deep blue color and replacing the cluttered design of the whites category with a clean and powerful visual, strongly anchored in the brand attributes: simplicity, modernity, sensuality and quality.

How long did the whole process take?

6 months from brief to production. We have received the brief in December and the new ranges started to appear on the shelf at the end of May. The best thing was that we all fell in love with this design route, making the process quite smooth, even if we had to follow the rigorous European rules for labeling.

You also recently launched the new Muller brand: Das Kaskaval. How did you come up with the creative idea behind the campaign?

Das Kaskaval comes with a series of innovations on the Romanian market – the maturation concept, which translates in 3 different tastes, a re-sealable packaging and a premium design. A product so different deserves a communication to match.

The campaign approaches a different angle than the competition, choosing to be fresh and entertaining – a spectacular product demo which explains the innovation and the brand novelties.

It is a story around the 3 different tastes told by a pleasant actor, with a dose of humor and seduction.

Quality humor and entertainment seem to be the attributes of a successful campaign nowadays. What is the target you are looking for and what are your objectives and hopes from this campaign?

Das Kaskaval, the first yellow cheese produced by Muller Romania, is a product made for Romanians with a recipe based on 2 years of market researches.

For Romanians the taste plays a very important role and therefore Das Kaskaval brings 3 different great tastes based on high quality standards.

Therefore we can say that the consumer we have targeted is the one who demands a great taste but also looks for quality and nourishing food. They are more exigent and search for real pleasure of the taste.

Our hope for the future is to see Das Kaskaval on the plates of more and more Romanians.

You are creating a bridge between tv and the facebook, do you believe that find the same target in both media?

The core age target of Das Kaskaval is 25 – 40 yo, women and men, active, with or without families, a target which is present on TV as well on Facebook.

So why did we link them?

The TV dramatizes the fact that Das Kaskaval brings 3 different tastes to a demanding consumer – but the brand brings much more and therefore a secondary channel was needed – to explain the maturation concept, to inform about re-sealable packaging, to showhow to enjoy each of the 3 different tastes etc. All these novelties are presented in various formats for Facebook, including video content.