Anders Lange: How can the consumer help you?

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Marketing is no longer enough for the consumers; they are sick and tired of ongoing advertisement and meaningless offers. Consumers want loyalty, experience and want you to care about them.

The good thing is, if you can deliver, that is showing loyalty to your customers and they will stay loyal to you in return. If you give them a great experience, they will share it with everyone they know. If you care for them, you have a customer for life.

So how do you deliver this to your customer? Here are some ideas!

  • Be available

Your customer wants to be able to contact you and not wait 5-7 days before you answer them. You need to have a clear and simple form of communication with the customer, even before the person becomes a customer. But it is more than that, you need to communicate on the channels that your consumer and customers use and not just the ones you like. You need to send out your message often, that will make you seem available for the consumer. SoMe are key for the daily/weekly communication. Never forget a consumer and never forget to be polite! It is okay to move conversation in private if you think it is better to handle it there. Do not screw this up! Availability creates loyalty and brand recognition.

  • Offer something

Your customers expect you to offer something, especially loyal customers. The easy way of doing this is coupons or discounts, but it does not build long-term loyalty, only short-term or until your competitor comes with a similar offer.

Instead, make the customer an offer that can not be copied or duplicated: Brand Quality content. The best offer is always delivering quality all the way, through your supply chain and fulfillment. It builds loyalty and customers will share it. Break the chain and the customer will feel it!

  • Give more than expected

Today, customers and consumers expect some things, but can you deliver more than that? For sure you can and you should do it! Just because the customer has a lower standard then what you can deliver, do not lay back, use it. If you do something extra, the customer will love it! And it is possible you will be customer’s topic of discussion next. It builds loyalty and it makes you raise the bar every time.

Sounds simple right? Now go do it!

About Anders:

Anders Holmberg Lange is the Co-Founder of Entername, a company with the core belief that strategy should be simple, understandable and evolving. Designing 360 digital campaigns and leading selected clients from digital transformation to digital excellence in Marketing, business and sales.

Anders has been working with major global brands the last 15 years, taking them from digital transformation to digital strategy to digital excellence and delivering double digits growth rates across the board. He worked in industries like fashion, banking, entertainment and for leisure companies. No matter there were fortune 500 companies or startups, Anders was always building around a gamification approach creating win-win strategies.