Knowhow share: The natural fit of content and KPIs

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With the rise of Social media platforms, new and better ways appeared to distribute content. And there are not only new distribution means that appeared, but also new ways one can drive engagement. Social media can consist in paid, owned and earned channels, but it also has a lot of things in common with traditional marketing. It is the pursuit of doing better and learning more.

We, marketers, all do a/b testing to generate better results, and that leads to smaller or bigger changes. If you aren’t already doing this, then you should start now! Just like traditional marketing, Social media requires the same process of trial and error. You need to start with a hypothesis and then test, test and test again. But what should you test again and again the most?

  • Referral traffic

A strong content strategy means your content is being used also by others and not just by you. If you do it right, you will get referral traffic from different sources. But it also means that your audience is attracted to your content and you have made something that is truly engaging for them.

Social media is a powerful platform to distribute your content and share it easily. Still, you have to have an understanding of who you are and what you are in order to create the content. Definitions lead to engagement. Just like you cannot deliver your content if you do not understand how the dynamic world is working and what it requires from you and your content. The dynamic worlds hold to key to getting referrals, because it is the social and culture structure of your consumers and your ambassadors.

Each referral source should be tracked and measured. It will help you understand how others are using your content and where and when each piece of the content has its spotlight time. Content is not just your website, social media and others similar, but also what others make from your brand shares. Track whatever your engine will allow you to.

To generate the best content, put it in context with information and data, not only with experience. Information and data can take you 75% of the way to a decision, 20% you can draw from experience with previous content work. But what about the last 5%? Well we all need some luck and a Hail Mary!

  • Engagements

What represents content value for your brand? We often talk about engagement as a KPI and that is the right KPI for content. But do all engagements have the same value for your brand? No, they do not! Engagements are typically measured with five contact points: Comments, replies, shares, mentions, shares and emoji.

The stronger the engagement, the better for your brand. To get people to engage with your content, you need to understand the levels of engagement. Understanding those comes from understanding of the dynamic world, where your consumers live every day.

In our view of engagement tracking, we need to look at how much should the consumer invest in this engagement. The highest level of engagement is when the consumer leaves a comment for you as an answer or interaction. If then you are able to combine that with the a reply, then you have started a conversation with the consumer. A two way dialogue – it cannot get better then this!

The next one: “Sharing is caring”. This say is true if you generate content that your consumer is caring about and with which one can connect to. You will achieve a share, so focus on understanding your consumer and keep your consumer character sheets at hand when building your shareable content.

The lowest level of engagement is an emoji, it takes no time and consumer just push the button without necessarily connecting with your content.

The last is a mention and why is that important? Well, it is user generated content and the consumer is connected with your brand enough to create unique content for you or use yours with tags.  A mention stands on the same level with a comment, just because it means the consumer has invested in doing something.

Why should you care about splitting the content and measuring up like this? The idea is, as you start to look at your social media planning, you can plan for the engagement as well. You properly know the times when you need engagement more then and which you can leave allow in a daily flow. Content and engagement matter, but you can not always reach or get the highest level of engagement, so plan for it and make sure you get engagement at the right time.

  • Reach

Reach is a strange KPI. It is just a number of feasible views of your content, so why measure it? Well, we know that TV, newspaper and other non digital platforms are going with a similar number to sell its place in the world. In both cases, it is just about to be seeing either in the unconscious or conscious mind. Seeing your logo will make consumers remember you the next time they shop. Engagement shows brand value and reach shows brand recognition both important KPIs.

Reach is the extension of your engagement.

  • Growth

We need to look at the KPIs for growth both on short and long term. Growth indicates if what you are doing is right and not just a hiccup. The KPIs should focus on what type of content delivers growth and when it delivers growth. From a content point of view, the movement from low level to high level is more important then growth in reach or low-level engagement. In order to create growth in this way it is all about understanding your dynamic world and the definition of you. Higher levels of engagement leads to better consumer loyalty, consumer experience and personal investment.

  • Time

Time is not something new, but do you want to achieve growth in KPIs and better engagement then respect the one thing consumer or you will never get back: Time

Invest the time in make content based on your definition, and fit the dynamic world. Be authentic

Invest the time in delivering quality. The engine that drives your content machine needs to meet the demands.

Invest in consumer insight and not only consumer data. Data will lead you on the same path as your competitors. Find new sources to information and use it combined with data.

Respect the time your consumers invest in your content. If they comment in a meaningful manner, then answer!

Respect time ! it is the one resource you can not get or give back

About Anders:

Anders Holmberg Lange is the Co-Founder of Entername, a company with the core belief that strategy should be simple, understandable and evolving. Designing 360 digital campaigns and leading selected clients from digital transformation to digital excellence in Marketing, business and sales.

Anders has been working with major global brands the last 15 years, taking them from digital transformation to digital strategy to digital excellence and delivering double digits growth rates across the board. He worked in industries like fashion, banking, entertainment and for leisure companies. No matter there were fortune 500 companies or startups, Anders was always building around a gamification approach creating win-win strategies.