Denmark: Digital Marker posts explosive growth in less then a year

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Digital Marker, headquartered in Horsens, Denmark. is a company with an explosive growth. Launched officially in December 2020, it has already signed contracts with a value of over 1BN DKK for the next few years. And it is looking for employees to support the growth. But not just anyone is in their target, as clarifies one of the owners who is also the COO of the company, Cristina Blanaru:

Cristina Blanaru, who has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communication for international brands like PayPal, Viacom or Unilever, says:

We are looking for underdogs, because we ourselves are such and because the deserve the same chance we had

The company is also characterized by the fact that it is far from a classic IT company. When Cristina Blanaru and her partner Anders H. Lange, CEO, hire new employees, they do not ask for CVs made to impress, but for desire to work and enthusiasm:

Anders H. Lange, the other owner of the company, who is also a Senior Strategic Advisor for EU and worked with brands like Gucci, Google or Disney, states:

What matters for me , it is to be fun to work in our company . That has a price, but we do not want to have a company where we aren´t happy to come to work

The founders’ desire for atypical employee is contagious within the company, where a young father has been given the chance to step up and become Head of Development, a young, newly graduated Romanian is one of the leading programmers, and a 60+ is holding the reigns when it comes of bookkeeping.

 Cristina Blanaru:

It works because we really believe in underdogs. We know they can do and accomplish more than what is written or not written on a resume.

We can see the potential in those who do not fit in a classical corporation environment. Those who would rather work when it suits them and deliver well inside the deadlines. Those who don´t crave a 8-16 job, but want to be able to make their own program.

Digital Marker is on the verge of launching a tool aimed to help Danish companies, a unique e-com solution including the following: webshop, marketing tools, economic tool, POS system and assistance in terms of human resources.

Anders H. Lange.

Danish companies just do the same they have always done, but forget to develop. Therefore, many Danish companies are 3-5 years behind compared to companies in the EU and the USA.

We want to make offer to them a tool that gives the owners a profit for their core business and allow customers to have access to more local shops
Info box

// Digital Marker was founded in december 2020 by Anders H. Lange and Cristina Blanaru, but, in reality, it startedin October 2019.

// The company is delivering today, through one of its business legs, an IT-solution for over 100 luxury fashion & beauty brands, has several major contracts signed and, on the side, works on a platform that will help the retail brands to get in contact with the local clients.

// The company has 10 employees but is looking for more for the team, to support the development of the new platform and the future projects.

// Digital Markers has an advisory board consisting of professionals with background from  Google, Morgan Stanley, Gucci and Tesla.

Tobias, Head of Development:

“I have a background as a seller and photographer, but I had a work accident and I had to switch direction in my career. Before joining the company, I worked in an IT department and had some experience with programming.

Here I got the chance to work properly with programming and, with time, I became the Head of Development because Cristina and Anders do not judge a book by the cover and care more about what one is willing to do.”

Ed, software engineer:

“I always believed technology is amazing. From the day when, as a child in Romania, I first held a console in my hands until now, when I am building systems.

After I finished the software engineer education at VIA University, it was not easy to find a job. I could have gone for freelance work, but the reality is that it would have been unpaid.

Via Jobnet, I got in contact with Cristina and I was offered a real job I got to enjoy very fast.