Adina Ionescu is the new communication director of Group Renault Romania

Business, Marketing, PR

Adina Ionescu is the new Communication and Social Responsibility Director of Renault Group Romania. She replaces Anca Oreviceanu, who will be assigned to another position within Renault Group. Consistently to Renault standard countries communication organization, Renault Group Romania Communication department will cover internal and external communications perimeter as well Corporate Social Responsibility activities of all Renault Group brands and units in Romania.


I would like to thank Anca Oreviceanu for her valuable contribution to Renault Group’s communication in Romania. At the same time, I am glad that our company attracts talented and innovative professionals such as Adina. Welcome in our management team, Adina!

Yves Caracatzanis,

Managing Director Group Renault Romania and Dacia Group CEO.

In a nutshell, Adina Ionescu is majored in International Business Relations and in Marketing and Communications within Bucharest Academy. She graduated the London Chartered Institute of Public Relations in London. She had more than 20 years of experience in communications within multinational companies, leaders in their fields, as well as 3 years of volunteering in various non-governmental organizations. Adina’s profession and her key positions widened her exposure to different business environments such as Oil & Gas (MOL), Networks and Technologies (Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia), Energy Management (Schneider Electric) or Electronics, Mobile phones and Semiconductors (Samsung Corporation). Over the years, she built up her expertise in various professional areas: medium and long term communications strategy, corporate social responsibility platforms and actions, reputation management, corporate communications department and media relations management, corporate events, internal communications. She was the company spokesperson and crisis communications’ point of contact and she contributed to central authorities and professional authorities’ engagement. At the same time, Adina Ionescu gained momentum in related fields to public relations, such as brand management, marketing communications or digital marketing.

Groupe Renault is a global company with more than 16,000 employees in Romania, including Dacia Vehicle Plant, Dacia Mechanical and Chassis Plant, Logistic platform Alliance International Logistics Network (AILN), Renault Technologie Roumanie engineering centre, Renault Design Central Europe, Spare Part Centre in Oarja, Renault Services Roumanie, Renault Commercial Roumanie, Renault Credit International.

To be part of Renault Romania Group means to benefit from the whole range of specific activities for the car industry: market and product studies, design, engineering, testing, production, sale, post-sale services.