About AdHugger

Founded and managed by Cristina since 2010 , AdHugger started as an independent online magazine reporting on the Eastern European marcom and connected industries. Since then, the website expanded its coverage and now writes about marcom, tech, business / e-commerce and start-ups worldwide and became a resource for agencies, companies and communication professionals all over the world.

To contact, feel free to use

  • adhugger [at] gmail.com
  • cristina [at] adhugger.net
  • marketing [at] adhugger.net for advertising, advertorials, partnerships or special projects

If you would like to use articles or fragments of articles from AdHugger, please quote the source with link.

Over the time, we had articles written by:

  • Laurentiu Buica, Andreea Strachina, Andreea Popescu & Vera Gavrila, Dan Hariga, Adrian Rusu, Anca Ifrim, Lucian Talpes, Ruxandra Besciu


  • Multam pentru mentionare.

    PS. Sterge mesajele de mai sus. Sunt spam-uri automate. In cazul in care nu ai idee cum sau nu ai nici macar Akismet instalat da-mi un email.

  • Not so sure about your ‘independent eyes and ears’.. You may want to double-check that statement… certainly reading your CNA poll results made me question your position… not that there is anything wrong with having a position on issues.. Just don’t call yourself an independent then… And please don’t bother ‘setting’ your CNA on my comments…those lackeys only have jurisdiction on Romanian media/citizens… the rest of the world sees them for what they are… a bunch of low-life cronies who the Romanian media is forced to call Mr. or Mrs. What a sad joke…

    • My eyes and ears are independent ๐Ÿ™‚ If you refer to CNA study published in November 2011, I think the independence or equidistance question might target the authors of the study, I only relayed the information. Thanks for taking the time and writing what was in your mind about that news.

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