Romanian mustard brand LaMinut,”prepared” by Jazz and Carioca

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Jazz Communication continues to bring different and creative approaches to the campaign for its clients and comes with a new innovation, an 100 % stop motion images video realized for LaMinut mustard brand.

To make the video possible, Jazz worked, for the first time, with Carioca, which is specialized in still execution and video advertising and is an internationally known studio, that scooped a series of awards over the time, including at Cannes Lions.

„The number 1 Romanians’ mustard” couldn’t be missing from preparing the Romanian traditional Christmas recipes, being alongside the Romanians on the most beautiful moments spent with the dear ones, in the family. Moreover, LaMinut proposes itself to celebrate the hard work and the ones that do it.

Therefore, starting from the insight that it feels different when you eat the meat you helped get prepared in the Christmas Eve and take part in the celebrations that you worked for (if you had mixed the minced meat, if you had put the sausages on the balcony or if you just watched, but you were there), the Jazz team proposed itself to show the variety in which the meat is “worked”, with the occasion of Christmas celebrations and also celebrate the Romanians that worked hard for it. It’s a joint effort; every family and community member bringing its input to the final result.

Moreover, the limelight falls this time around on those who work the meat and make sure that the products coming out of it are as delicious and appreciated as possible by the whole, extended family.

Many marketing people are afraid to show Romanians as they are, more keen to crack a joke than to work, more with their hands unwashed than with their brains washed. And, with this fear in the brief, many companies become irrelevant or are not reaching their sales or engagement objectives. The LaMinut TVC has in it, alongside a strategic observation with content, also an authenticity declaration. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Carioca Studio and a courageous client that sees the Romanians beautiful, Just as they are. I hope it will sell as much mustard as possible

Valentin Suciu,

Creative Partner Jazz Communication

We’ve been very happy with this project, from the beginning. It was an incredible vibe, a lot of people involved and many things to be organized. If a single image is hard to be created, you can imagine that a video in projection mapping has a lot of details which we must take in account and make sure it ends up good. Everything captured in 30 seconds of story. We put everything in line for every project and this one required a lot of energy from us, but, at the same time, we loved it a great deal. We hope to work again together, as soon as possible, because it was very beautiful. Truly congrats to all the people involved

Carioca Studio

The Jazz team:

  • Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner
  • Miruna Dumitrescu – Group Creative Director
  • Raluca Matei – Head of Art
  • George Bucurescu – Junior Copywriter
  • Mihai Stoica – Junior Art Director
  • Georgiana Rotaru – Account Director
  • Alexandra Coanca – Account Executive
  • Andreea Calarasu – Creative Planner
  • Irina Pencea – Managing Partner

Orkla team:

  • Andreea Toloaca – Commercial Director
  • Adrian Pasarica – Head of Marketing