Stream your Dream 2: The Samsung ambassadors, face to face with the local micro influencers

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Samsung Electronics Romania organizes this year the second edition of Stream your Dream, a project dedicated to the micro influencers in the creative area, created with the support of the PR agency MSL The Practice. This module had as theme the photography and the participants  learned to take professional pictures from field professionals: Cristian Vasile – photographer and founder Bucuresti Optimist,  Teodora Rogobete – founder Teo’s Kitchen, one of the most known and appreciated culinary, lifestyle and parenting blogs, Christina One – photographer and content creator and Monica Jitariuc – communication expert and Managing Director MSL The Practice.

The evolution of the social media platforms changed the way in which we are interacting and connecting with people from all over the world. That’s why, the challenge of the second edition of Stream your Dream was to offer its participants the occasion of finding information about how to relate to this context as photographers, how to start and perfect their road towards a career in photography and how to use efficiently the social media channels, in order to promote their passion.

We are glad to continue the project Stream your Dream and to offer the occasion to some youngsters full of passion of making their dreams come true. We put people enthusiastic about photography face to face with professional photographers that became their mentors for the whole duration of the project. We want to support the evolution of micro influencers and to help them achieve their full potential, both through theoretical support, as well as through access to the latest technologies,” said Simona Panait, Head of Corporate Marketing & Communications South-East Europe, Samsung Electronics Romania.

The entering mechanism to the workshop organized by Samsung represented the publication of a photo with the hashtag #streamyourdream – a portrait of the best friend, a landscape from a holiday or a delicious lunch. The users told how a Galaxy S9 could help them bring the passion forward. The participants with the biggest number of likes won a place in the workshop.

After the course, they have at their disposal one week (15 May – 22 May 2018, 20:00) to create a photo project and upload it on the personal Instagram page with the hashtag #streamyourdream. The most creative participant could win a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

The projects’ judging criteria are: the quality and the complexity of the pictures and the manner in which the participants applied what they learned at the course. The judging mechanism is divided in 50% the Jury’s decision and 50% the likes received.

The jury is formed of: Simona Panait (Head of Corporate Marketing & Communications South-East Europe, Samsung), Christina One (photographer, Christina One Photography), Cristian Vasile (photographer, Bucuresti Optimist), Teodora Rogobete (Owner Teo’s Kitchen) and Monica Jitariuc (Managing Director MSL The Practice).



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