Kaufland and Renovatio launched the first fast charging hub for electric cars in Romania and Eastern Europe


Kaufland Romania and Renovatio Group opened the first fast charging hub for electric cars in Romania and Eastern Europe, situated in the parking lot of the Kaufland on Barbu Vacarescu Street, Bucharest.

The hub makes possible the simultaneous charging of six el-cars. The novelty and its main benefit are the fact that 3 of them will be charging fast, at a maximum power of 50 kW. This way, most of the electric models present on the Romanian market will be able to reach 80% of the battery capacity in less than an hour. Alongside the fast charging are also available 3 points of semi-fast charging, with a power of 22 kW.

Moreover, the stations in the hub are compatible with all the 100 % electric vehicles and the hybrid plug-in, are functioning non-stop and all the charging costs are fully supported by Kaufland Romania.

Our mission is to prove that it’s not complicated to take care of the environment. We support the project from the desire of encouraging the use of electric cars, as an eco way of driving. It is not our first initiative in this regard. In 2016 we launched, alongside Renovatio, the first electric cars fast charging public stations’ network in Romania that we made available for free to everybody. In 2018, we reached over 20 locations in our parking lots, offering a better autonomy in the move. We believe that through these efforts we will inspire more people to be eco. The responsibility towards the environment was and will always be on our agenda as a core part of our way of doing business

Valer Hancas,

Communications and Corporate Affairs Director Kaufland Romania 

And, as the care towards the environment is a priority for Kaufland, in the stores, and also in the charging of the batteries for the electric cars, is used over 95% energy from renewable sources. The Renovatio e-charge network has, at the moment, 92 charging points in 38 locations from which 62 charging points are installed in 23 Kaufland locations.

Creating charging hubs for the electric vehicles is part of the Renovatio’s strategy of developing the urban infrastructure in the big cities. We are trying, this way, to cover the needs of those who are working in an alert rhythm, for whom the reduced charging times are a priority. The infrastructure of the charging stations in the transit areas is as important as the ones in the urban zones for the stimulation of the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Through the FastSEE project, co-financed by the European Union through the CEF Transport program, Renovatio will cover with the fast and ultra-fast charging stations two of the main corridors of the TEN-T pan-European transport network that transits our country until the end of 2020. Many of the locations are chosen on the basis of the the partnership with Kaufland Romania. The 53 fast charging stations will be placed at a maximum distance of 80 km one from another, while the 3 ultra-fast charging stations will be installed in Timisoara, Sibiu and Bucharest

Alexandru Teodorescu,

Managing Partner Renovatio Group