Timisoreana: the real heroes inspire the real football!


Timisoreana, the Romanian beer with the longest tradition in Romania, continues its partnership with the Romanian Football Federation, as an Official Sponsor of the Romanian Cup. With this occasion, it re-claims its support for the Romanian football through a campaign dedicated to the real football heroes: the ones that play it with passion and dedication, on the stadium and in the back of the flat. The legends of the Romanian football, Cristian Chivu, Adrian Ilie and Bogdan Lobont joined the campaign.

During the years, Timisoreana remained close to the Romanian football because it understood the value of this phenomenon that united Romanians of all ages, in each corner of the country. Today we are taking further our involvement in the Romanian football and we are celebrating the continuation of the partnership with the Romanian Football Cup until 2022. At the same time, we are announcing and launching a campaign through which we re-bring in the limelight the values that are at the basis of the true football: passion, dedication, fair play and competition spirit; the same principles that guided also our business activity and that made of Timisoreana the most loved brand in Romania. The campaign celebrated the real heroes, the normal people that put passion and emotion in the game, the ones that inspire the real football,” said Dragos Constantinescu, President of Ursus Breweries.


As you know, Timisoreana became famous both as a brand that understands and cherishes the values of the Romanian football, as well as a trusted partner for the Romanian Football Federation and the competitions that we organize. The vision that we share, in which the supporters represent football heroes entitles us to believe that all the campaigns that we are creating and implementing together will be successful and dedicated to football,especially to those who are living for the joy of football. The assuming of the mission of developing the football of now and tomorrow are the elements that are guiding us and I have the believe that our duty of building generations of players and supporters will be fulfilled in this spirit,” said Razvan Burleanu, President of the Football Romanian Federation. 

Timisoreana respects the true passion for this sport and the joy of the game. This is the reason for which it relights the passion for the Romanian football, offering the sentiment of pride for the real values of the sport that continued to occupy the number one place in the hearts of the football lovers.

We joined this project because we share the same values. We have the duty to support the real projects, to transmit even further the essence of football: passion, sacrifice spirit. I have a motto that I like: we don’t inherit form the ancestors, we borrow from the descendants,” said Cristian Chivu.

We are happy to transmit further a message for the fans: come back to the real football. We want to thank Timisoreana for choosing us to transmit this message for the real football,” said Adrian Ilie.

Passion is a fundamental value, everything is easier when you put passion. We are lucky to have started football since we were small. I am convinced that through the messages of this campaign we will transmit the values of passion, dedication and fairplay”, also added Bogdan Lobont.

The campaign rolls until June and included among other activations dedicated to the consumers also the launch of the special packaging’ edition -containing the most frequent 120 names in Romania – dedicated to the football lovers, as well as a promotion with prizes for the fans of the real football.