Silva opens the doors for the Craft Makers


Silva launches the campaign Fauritori de Craft (Craft Makers) and opens the doors of the craft workshops in Bucharest, through a series of guided tours.

Each guided tour is dedicated to a craft and its maker and is spiced with beer tastings and recipes inspired by each craft. The tours will take the shape of guided passages through Bucharest, that start with the visit of an emblematic place for the star craft and continue with the discovery of the maker’s workshop. There the food pairing enters in another dimension and gets combined not only with the beer, but also with the presented job and the guests can taste the food of a chef – a taste maker. The last stop in the tour is a symbolic one, in a place at the right high in order to disconnect the participants from the daily routine.

The Craft Makers guided tours:

  • 24 May: – Tour dedicated to wood, with Ciprian Manda and chef Alex Dumitru
  • 13 June – Tour dedicated to cooking with chef Alex Dumitru
  • 26 July – Tour dedicated to photography, with Stefan Dinu (Allkimik) and chef Alex Iacob
  • 27 September – Tour dedicated to music,with The Mono Jacks and chef Toni Godeanu

We like to communicate with the Silva public and we want to have a dialogue with them, not only in online. Therefore, this year we will say the stories of 7 makers from Bucharest and we will invite the curious people in their workshops, where the craft is at home. Online, through a video series, and offline through 4 guided tours, alongside Cristi Cismaru”, said Anca Musat, Marketing Director at Heineken Romania.

The guide of the four tours is Cristian Cismaru, founder of the My Transylvania Association and one of the promoters of the Slow Food movement in Romania. Cristi will guide the curious people and will tell them about the place, the culture, the heritage, the taste and the senses. Moreover, all the four editions will benefit of the presence of Adrian Caradeanu, beer expert.

Each tour has a limited number of places and the application can be made on Silva’s official Facebook page.