“Digital professions” program by Junior Achievement and Orange reached 800 pupils in the second edition

Digital & Media

800 pupils from 19 high schools in Bucharest, Cluj and Timis, took part in the second edition of the professional orientation project Profesii digitale (Digital professions), developed by Junior Achievement Romania with the support of Orange Romania.

The project purpose was to help the youngsters know themselves better, find answers to questions related to the IT and technology sectors, in order for them to be able to choose in a clever manner the road they want to follow in their future career, taking in account their personal abilities and their potential.

The teachers agree with the results of the recent studies that say that the youngsters remember and understand easier the information taught when the theory is combine with the practice and when they have access to interactive resources. Therefore, the youngsters appreciate when the teachers use technology in the classroom and have interactive hours in which they involve them in debates and work at small projects, can communicate and found out answers to questions related to their future in the education and workforce world.

The digital professions represents an ambitious project that supports the pupils in the high school in choosing the right career, in finding solutions and answering the real problems identified in the modern society and strongly related to their abilities, in order for the good work of the society to be insured. This type of project helps the pupils get oriented towards different fields of the economy and shows them how their intelligence and their abilities can make them useful in a world that is more and more governed by technology,” said one of the professors involved in the educational activities held at the Bilingual National  College George Cosbuc from Bucharest.

The Digital Professions module was accessed by the teachers and pupils enrolled in the professional orientation JA program through an app available on computers and mobile devices, both in the classrooms and outside the school.