#dogpoopgirl – a social satire about the Internet era

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DaKINO Productions and DIUD created #dogpoopgirl – a social satire with tragic elements about the Internet era. Inspired by real facts, the scenario proposes us a location in the Romanian space of the first online shaming case in the history of the Internet. In 2005, a woman’s dog poops on a metro car in Seoul, South Korea. From unknown reasons the woman refuses to collect the mess, is photographed and the incident turns viral through an opinion blog.

I wrote this scenario from the middle of an irredeemable fear regarding the power of the Internet. I am paralyzed by the destructive force of the crowds. The online space is the new public square in which people are divided first in good and bad and after that they destroy each other. Life gets each day it passes the dynamic of a computer game. We choose the side and then we start destroying the enemies alongside ideological comrades with whom otherwise we only have formal connections. I wanted to tell a story in a comic key about these things in order to exorcise this fear, just like you draw to a child the monster under the bed dressed in a little dress, in order to calm him down before going to sleep. I take advantage of the situation to remind, both myself and all of those who live these absurd times, that the simple presence of a little dress doesn’t make the monster less dangerous,” said Andrei Hutuleac, the movie’s director.

The movie is set to be launched in the autumn of 2020 in cinemas in the country and has a distribution of over 80 actors out of which, in the main characters, we will see Andreea Gramosteanu, Coca Bloos, Paul Chiributa, Tudor Istodor, Cezar Antal, Valler Dellakezza, Angel Popescu and Ioana Barbu.

I laughed when I saw the script. It reminded me of how many times I heard in meetings the term viral and with how much desire it has been talked about it. And, why not to confess, sometimes even I was the person using the word. Therefore, with a push from all the reason for which I believe in Andrei Hutuleac’s future as a director, we decided to venture in the production of the feature film that sounds like an online challenge, but that is, actually, a tutorial of what NOT to do when a viral goes bad. It has been useful to us as well, I have to admit,” also said Dan Chisu, one of the movie’s producers.

The production company DAKINO PRODUCTION was launched by Chisu Danut-Florin and Chisu Lucian on July 17th 2008. It handles a large area of services related strictly to the cinematographic and TV production field: cinematographic production activities, video, cinematographic and video post-production activities, movies’ multiplication on any type of support, distribution activities, public showings of the cinematographic and video movies.

From the company’s portfolio we mention the movies: Aniversarea (2017), Offstage (2017), București NonStop (2015), YouTube Bazaar (2015), Déjà Vu (2013), Și caii sunt verzi pe pereți (2012), Websitestory (2010).

DIUD is a cinematographic production and video advertising creation studio that focuses on the beginnings of the creativity and the original content. In its portfolio has a TV series (CASTiNG), but also online shows (Paralel, À la diud, Diud, where’s my tune?).