Stefan Chiritescu takes over strategy duties for Cheil Centrade South-East Europe

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Less than two years after becoming Head of Strategy at Kubis Interactive, Ștefan Chirițescu extends his role at group level, as Head of Strategy with Cheil Centrade South East Europe, to oversee 11 markets in the region and support clients in Europe and the United States.

Ștefan Chirițescu’s promotion comes amid the reorganization of the group’s strategy department, in order to align the entire regional team to the new direction: Data-Driven Creative Communication, and the new services of Digital Marketing, Data-Driven Retail Marketing and Omnichannel Consumer Journey.

Ștefan – considered to be one of the best strategists in Romanian advertising – will play a major role in turning the group’s vision into reality.

“Our positioning is about ideas that impact businesses through a deep understanding of consumer behavior (on-line & off-line). The consumer is the only bridge between big-data and an impactful story, and Stefan’s role will be to unite these two worlds through insights relevant to brands, communities, and context,” Radu Florescu, CEO of Cheil | Centrade South-East Europe, says. “Data are key, and their coherent and complete analysis stand at the heart of every successful campaign.”

Ştefan Chiriţescu began his advertising career at Vitrina Felix Media in 2001, in Cluj. After ten years with BBDO, in different roles from Head of Strategy to Head of Innovation, he added working experiences at Ogilvy and Cohn & Jansen JWT. In 2017, he joined the Kubis Interactive agency as Head of Strategy, a role he will retain in the new structure of the group.

 Assuming a regional role is an important moment, given that each market and each client are in different stages of digital maturity. My experience with a powerful digital agency adds to the competitive advantage of DIA (Digital Intelligence and Analytics), the first Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Center operated by Cheil | Centrade Romania

Stefan Chiritescu

Cheil | Centrade and Kubis Interactive are part of the international holding Centrade USA – operating in Bucharest, Houston and Zagreb, alongside Chainsaw Europe, Cable Direct, Zenith, and Epidemic Worldwide.

Cheil | Centrade is one of the largest communications companies in Romania and a regional hub for South-East Europe, coordinating a total of 11 markets. It is headquartered in Bucharest and has local offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Budapest. Its mission is to build clients’ businesses and reputation through strong and inspired communication ideas that bring value to clients, communities and employees.

Fully integrated into the Cheil Worldwide network – “The Network Built for Now”, Cheil | Centrade is aligned to the global commitment of becoming a company that offers data-driven, digital integrated and creative solutions.