Lia Bugnar and Marius Manole join the Qreator Institute


The director Lia Bugnar and actor Marius Manole are the new curators of the Qreator Institute. The announcement was done during the event organized at Qreator by IQOS, occasion with which were presented also the plans of the Qreator Institute for 2020. Lia Bugnar and Marius Manole join the current creators: Mirela Bucovicean, Adrian Despot, Răzvan Exarhu, Marius Chivu, Tudor Giurgiu and the Apropo TV team with the purpose of generating and curating creative projects for the Qreator community.

The Qreator Institute is a creative initiative that proposes itself to create bridges between the artists and the opinion leaders and the communities interested in music, film, fashion, contemporary art, gastronomy, education,literature and urban culture. In its first year of activity it accumulated a relevant portfolio of projects, from the “Seratele cu scrisori” (Evenings with letters) hosted by Marius Chivu and Genevieve Fieraru, at the events dedicated to the taste and rituals that gather us around the table and define our identity, moderated by Razvan Exarhu, a series of dialogues Exposed organized and moderated by Adrian Despot through which the broad public has the opportunity to meet the people behind the artist job or the meetings Unexpected put in scene by the Apropo TV team.

In the second year of activity, the eight curators continued the mission of proposing and curating creative project, by developing the existent projects and giving them new cultural and social highlights. The teams formed of Mirela  Bucovicean (fashion and lifestyle), Adrian Despot (music), Razvan Exarhu (society and gastronomy), Marius Chivu (literature), Tudor Giurgiu (cinema), Andi Moisescu and the Apropo TV team (urban culture and advertising) joined the director Lia Bugnar and the actor Marius Manole.

How can you receive the proposal of being part of the team of curators of the Qreator Institute in our times in which theaters are closing? As an independent artist, I got used to calling for an audience in places that are more and more extravagant and it has always come because, as I said before, the theater is more that a building, the theater is the unique happening of an evening. I think it came the moment came to call them also in a superb place that becomes addictive once you crossed its threshold. And I hope that those who are already familiar to the place and feel at home at the  Qreator Institute be happy about the imprint that me and Marius are also going to put on the place. It’s honoring and scary at the same time, I hope we can make things at the statue of the Qreator’s house beauty,” said Lia Bugnar.

The independent theater and the democratization of the theater are two concepts that I support and the collaboration with the Qreator Institute goes into that direction. I am looking forward to act in a new play by Lia Bugnar and, especially, to experiment together a less conventional theater with a public that has big expectations from us. Because the Qreator Institute has been doing this for an year, gathered so many creative people that proposed projects, but also a public that wants a great deal of creativity,” said Marius Manole.

The two new creators will put on stage a play created especially for the Institute and that will have, during  2020, 4  exclusive representations for the Qreator by IQOS space.