Kubis launched the campaign “Vot, nu Troc”


Kubis launched the pro bono campaign “Vot, nu Troc” that proposes itself to convince the people to become observers at the presidential elections that will take place November 10th.

With no political orientation, only followed by the desire of raising the civic spirit, the campaign manifests itself through the website votnutroc.ro and into a mini-museum of the electoral corruptionGaleria Trocului Electoral (The Gallery of Electoral Barter) that can be seen at Nod marketplace until the end of October.

From sugar to flower to oil and up to totally unexpected objects, in the electoral period, the parties are always using the electoral barter. Because it wants to counter-balance this behavior, the Kubis team proposed itself to join Funky Citizens in their mission of convincing as many Romanians as possible to be observers at the next elections.

Therefore, in the gallery one can see some of the objects of the electoral barter, the ones that were the most present during the years in several counties in the country. Moreover, the exhibition has a double role: a space where you can enter yourself as observer, as well as a gift shop in which artists such as Dan Perjovschi, Wanda Hutira, Diana Papuc, Victor Firan, George Popa donated reinterpreted objects of the electoral trade as they were imagining it. The amount of money gathered will be donated for a minimum of comfort for the observers during the election days (food, transport, etc).

We started from a real tension: the electoral barter cannot be stopped by the average citizen, but there can be raised a type of valuable community and social behavior: the taking part as an observer at elections, something that would help a clean vote. Personally, I believe very much in the value of the small good: each one of us (realistically, if as many of us) would do a small good then a bigger good would happen. Precisely of this type of thinking we wanted to talk about in our recruting for observers campaign, for Funky Citizens,” said Stefan Chiritescu, head of strategy Kubis.

The campaign started with the launch of a dedicated website for the action – www.votnutroc.ro – where one can find all the necessary pieces of information about what it entitles to be an observer. Moreover, it was launched a video-manifest that talks about the power of the small good.

The teams involved in the project were:

Funky Citizens:  Elena Calistru, Cosmin Pojoranu, Andrei Bulearca, Laura Burtan, Anabella Costache, Ion Mates, Alis Socea


Vlad Popovici- Managing Director

Alin Marghidanu- Creative Director

Carina Toma- Group Creative Director

Victor Firan- Art Director

Stefania Bercu – Strategic Planner

Stefan Chiritescu- Head of Strategy

Silviu Stefanescu- Front end developer

Paul Mustacescu- Back end developer

Cristina Rugina- Front end developer

Daniel Placinta- Chief Technology Officer

Vlad Iosipescu- Social Media Manager

Sebastian Luba- Head of Social Media

Matei Paspan- Head of Media Performance

Ionut Avadanei – DOP, editor

Marian Ciungu – Photographer

Oana Carcei – Logistics Manager

Claudiu Mihalache – Logistics Manager

Curators: George Popa / Gabriela Petre

Gift Shop Artists: Dan Perjovschi, Diana Papuc, Wanda Hutira, George Popa, Cofeteria, Dume de Mestecat

Influencers: Carmen Uscatu, Elena Calistru, Corina Bacanu, Marian Ionescu, Georgiana Ionescu, Omid Ghannadi, Shurubel

Partners: Avanpost, Nod makerspace





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