Canal 33 celebrated 3 years by setting a new World Record for the longest talk-show

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On March 17th 2020, exactly 3 years after Canal 33’s first broadcast, Alexandru Raducanu, the TV station’s founder and his team established a new world record for the longest talk-show in the world: 72 hours and 18 minutes. 

The record will be validated and certified by Guinness World Records in the following period of time. During those hours, Alexandru held, non-stop, interviews with over 100 guests, important people from the fields such as economy, culture, politics,education, entrepreneurship, personal development, spirituality,etc.

Given the diversity of the guests, the subjects and the themes were many and varied. The social context in which we are at the moment, the pandemic, conducted to the fact that many of the interviews were on the general theme of the pandemic. The talk-show was watched on cable and online on the channel’s YouTube.

I considered myself supported, protected and felt cared for, permanently supported and sure that everything was always under control, I am very impressed by what each one of you did, this success wouldn’t have been possible without each one of you contribution, thank you,” said Alexandru Raducanu, addressing his team at the end of the show.

He than added:

I also thank all the people that send us good thoughts, that sent us positive energy, all the TV viewers. We are also thanking Cristina Topescu, where she is, for everything she did for Canal 33, and we are sending her all our love”.


„This talk-show was, for all of us, a lesson, a demonstration that, when we pass through difficult times, when it’s very hard for us, when the mind tells us that we cannot anymore, we can. We can achieve great things, if we want to, each one of us. We can surpass our limits. This success represents for Canal 33 a celebration of the 3 years’anniversary,but at the same time a source of inspiration, a start for new big and beautiful projects that we will create together,” was Alexandru Raducanu’s conclusion.

In order to see the celebration of the success at the end of the longest talk-show in the world, access the link