MRM Romania won the Agency of the Year title at Internetics 2020 for the 5th time

Digital & Media

MRM Romania remains at the top of the local rankings, having won the title Agency of the Year for the fifth time in 8 years, during last night’s Awards Gala of Internetics, the most important branding, marketing and online advertising festival in Romania.

At the same time, for the fourth time in 5 years, MRM Romania’s client, KFC, took home the Client of the Year title, having won 4 awards with 2 campaigns developed by the agency.

The team was awarded a total of 8 trophies, including a Grand Prix, a Special Award, 6 Golden awards and 3 shortlists.

The Grand Prix for Best Digital Campaigns was awarded for the “Toma Corunt for President” campaign, developed for local client ROM; while the Special Award, handed out for Best Use of Technology was won by the “Killer Discounts” campaign, developed for the KFC client.

The 6 Gold trophies were won in 3 different categories (Online Branded Content; Digital Brand Experience and Digital Campaigns), for 3 campaigns: “Toma Corunt for President” (ROM); “Killer Discount” (KFC) and “The Croppers” (KFC).

For the first time in its history, the festival- that yesterday celebrated 20 years of existence- the awards were handed out from a virtual stage, the entire ceremony being held in Minecraft.

For me it’s an honor to win this title this year and to be recognised as the best both in terms of business and reputation. The recognition we have received for Technology and Content are very important to us, being two new business streams that our team has focused a lot in the past few years,” says Ionela Buta, Executive Director, MRM Romania.

“Having the successful digital KFC campaigns awarded and looked up to, makes us even more ambitious to push our limits and develop new, fresh and innovative projects that will continue to combine technology, entertainment and online marketing in the same surprising way. In the past years we have consolidated our presence in the customers and fans’ minds through projects dedicated to the gaming community that have completed branded content campaigns that we have started to develop under the platform KFC Entertainment Channel. We are so happy to have been invited again on the Internetics Stage (even though it was a virtual one this year) to receive all the Golden awards we have won. But, by far, the most pleasing win this year is “Digital Client of the Year” together with “Digital Agency of the Year”, a win we share with our friends and partners from MRM Romania,” says Monica Eftimie, Chief Marketing Officer, Sphera Franchise Group.

“I’ve been dreaming and talking for the past 2-3 years of a Netflix for brands that produces content people want to stumble across in their feeds. Content that doesn’t resemble the classic advertising; one that’s selling firstly moral values and then introduces the products. Content that says stories centered around characters one can identify himself wit and then it’s sharing stuff about the brand. I am so happy to see this type of content being awarded at Internetics 2020.

KFC is the Client of the Year and won the title for a social entertainment platform that was build through the years.

ROM goes home with a Grand Prix for a campaign that resembles more an elections camapign than it does an advertising one. A courageous and ambitious campaign.

All this could not have been possible without a team, made from both client and agency, a truly united team. The Agency of the Year award goes out to the extented team!” says Ion Cojocaru, Head of Content, MRM Romania.