Rankin and musician Stefflon Don partner with Samsung in iconic photoshoot shot entirely on the new Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd unveiled a gallery of content, shot entirely on the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, by renowned international photographer Rankin. The experience saw Samsung and Rankin collaborate with British rapper, singer and songwriter Stefflon Don, in a photoshoot that paid tribute to the iconic female trailblazers of the 80s – those who inspired musicians like Stefflon Don, transformed culture, and paved the way for a new generation of visionaries. 

Combining the spirit of the 80s with the energy of today’s social media, Rankin and Stefflon Don have playfully re-imagined a timeless era with stills, videos, and content for Instagram and TikTok. The colours, style and aesthetic of the shoot, was transformed through the tight lens of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

A device that pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can do, the Galaxy S21 Ultra allowed Rankin and Stefflon Don to channel a new level of creativity and expression to share with audiences on social. Social media is driving a new artform, there is an entire generation of social media users interested in creating, engaging with and viewing experiences on their mobile devices. This project saw Rankin tap into this trend by using the powerful Galaxy device to create transformative content.

Rankin said:

My creative process is rooted in exploring new techniques and methods to create revolutionary content. Working with Stefflon Don, Samsung, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, I had the opportunity to channel a new kind of creativity whilst still staying true to my ethos. I was doing what I love, right on a smartphone – creating, shooting, editing and producing content fit for social, in a move that diversified my work beyond what I imagined was possible. I’m also really proud that we could honour the inspirational legends of the 80s, who freely expressed their individuality and continue to inspire today’s young generation.”

Stefflon Don said:

The artists of the 80s paved the way for musicians like me to succeed – it’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with Samsung and Rankin to pay tribute to their amazing style and energy.’ 

Using the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s advanced pro-grade camera and 8K Video Snap feature, Rankin was easily able to grab high-res photos from 8K video footage, so every vivid detail at the shoot was captured in a gallery of stills and videos to be easily shared on social channels. The new Director’s View let Rankin see, switch, and select the best shot to fully embody the 80s look and feel. He was able to capture video with the front and rear cameras at once for real-time reactions with Vlogger View, and preview or change the angle, zoom or go wide on muse, Stefflon Don without losing any action with Live Thumbnails. Plus, the 100x Space Zoom feature allowed for some playful, closer, and steadier shots throughout the photoshoot.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the newest chapter in Galaxy S series’ decade-long legacy of delivering cutting-edge mobile experience. The series comes in three models to fit lifestyles. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ offer the latest flagship experiences to help you get the most out of every moment. And Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers the ultimate in cutting-edge technology for people who want the maxed out experience and demand to be a step ahead. 

With its new bold and iconic design, pro-grade camera and video capabilities, premium viewing experience, and powerful connectivity experiences, Galaxy S21 is the smartphone that changes everything, to make your everyday moments epic.

With devices like Samsung Galaxy S21, and the power of social media, generations will continue to express their individuality, discovering and empowering generations before and after them.