One Night Gallery launches the first NFTs created in VR by Romanian artists

Digital & Media, Innovation

One Night Gallery, the first new media art gallery in Romania, launches for the first time, on blockchain, two unique works of art, created in virtual reality, by the artists Raluca Băraru and Victor Fota. The works are put on auction on the platforms withfoundation and OpenSea and can be bought with Ethereum.

The two collaborative projects are immersive 360 scenes, fully modelled in VR by the two artists over 10 sessions each, then post-processed and animated by Mihai Cojocaru from One Night Gallery.

Raluca Băraru is a visual artist and illustrator, the works distinguish themselves through the spectral etheric style, through the themes populated with ghosts and characters that combine myth and folklore.

Victor Fota is a painter, specialized in paintings in oil – the Venetian and Flamand techniques. He gets remarked by his hyper-realism and complexity, the details and the abundance of dystopic sci-fi worlds in which he places his main characters.

The works launched on blockchain are the first creations of the artists in VR, a hybrid between their own style and the expression opportunities offered by the VR technology.

The digital art and ‘collectibles’ market grew exponentially in 2021 due to the NFTs that guarantee the authenticity and the copyright, through the blockchain technology. The NFTs combine the culture and the technology, offering the artists a decentralised market with access both at the art collector public, as well as the cryptocurrency passionate people that are looking for new investment opportunities. Therefore, the NFTs market registered sales of over USD 500 million in the last month and an art work created by the artist Beeple was sold for USD 70 million.

Mihai Cojocaru, CEO of One Night Gallery’s NFT division, said:

One Night Gallery is about the innovation in art&tech and we continue the mission of putting at the artists’ disposal of new creation tools and the team’s knowhow, by the creating of these unique collaborative works. We are happy that the new generations show us that we don’t have to discriminate between the physical and digital creations, contributing more and more to a new cultural space, generically called “Metaversul’, where the XR creations will be the new artistic norm.