Romanian Postal Service will undergo a restructuring process

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Romania’s Government has decided to restructure the state-owned national postal service through the development of its financial service portfolio, layoffs, local same-day deliveries and a staff bonus system, in an attempt to rescue the company from financial collapse, Mediafax News Agency writes.

In this purpose, it was adopted a restructuring and modernization strategy that includes the implementation of an integrated IT system, in-house cash transport and processing operations and efforts to attract clients from the fields of services, utilities, communications and banking.

The restructuring program will introduce and develop a door-to-door sales service in urban areas, digital communication services, online commerce operations, and a call-center for processing orders. Automated processing systems will be introduced in four major cities, including capital Bucharest, and the post code system will be perfected and advertised. The post company will also offer financial services, such as deposits, loans, bank cards, insurance policies and currency exchange. The total value of the main investments stipulated in the strategy is EUR113 million.

Not only Romania is making changes related to the Postal Service. In France, the Postal Service decided to open its own advertising service, Mediapost Publicite, as Le Figaro writes. French Postal Service decided to launch Mediapost Publicite considering more than a quarter of French advertisers’ communication expenses is for commercial correspondence.

When is about tageting, French Postal Service has an impressive data base, that includes millions of addresses. and positions itself as a geomarketing specialist, able to send big volumes of commercial messages. Another strong point is the distribution network French Postal Service has in France.