A scholarship for The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, available via a Facebook competition

Creativity, Marketing

The people who want to attend The Alternative School for Creative Thinking have the possibility to win a scholarship if they answer, on Facebook, why is The Alternative School a unique and worthy experience.
The aspirants to the School can win a scholarship posting a vibrant answer – copy or image – for the question on their Facebook profile and manage to generate a high rate of response consisting in comments to it. Those enter the competition for the scholarship in Eurobest semester of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking.

Until now, in the competition entered freelancers, copywriters, arts and PR professionals.

The most spectacular application received until now came from Andreei Strachina, that skydived in weekend and dedicated her jump to the school. The message of her application for the school “The ultimate experience? No limits, even when you are 3,000 meters in the sky” matches very well with school’s philosophy.

“Andreea’s application left us speechless, it is for the 1st time when someone makes a courageous gesture to illustrate, from such an unexpected perspective, so expresively, tonic and explicit, that she understood the work philosophy from The Alternative School”, Teo Migdalovici, The Alternative School founder, said.

The Facebook competition was communicated through a partnership with Monopoly, via its channels. The partnership with Monopoly will continue in the following months, with new expressive projects.

The entries are open for The Alternative School until October 17th. The study disciplines are visual craft, creative media, creative outdoor, design, marketing, creative PR, strategy and branding, but also “out of the box”, a new class that focuses on thinking outside set patterns and labels in communication, in a fusion spirit in which everything contributes to build a memorable platform for brands and public.

The speakers and tutors of the school are well-known professionals, with consistent results obtained both in Romania and abroad. They are Andrei Robu and Paramon Ditu (Acme Industries), Paul Dersidan (Blau), Iashido (It’s everyday), the British creative Logan Fisher, Alex Strimbeanu – Bronze Winner at Cannes (Young Lions Print), Gabriela Lungu (The Practice), Eliza Rogalski (CEO Tempo),  Corina Bernschutz  (Starcom), Mihai Gongu (Graffiti / BBDO), Razvan Capanescu (Publicis), Mircea Tomescu (Graffiti PR), Claudiu Dobrita (Grey), Andreea Mihai (Carrefour) and others.

With the help and knowledge from The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, in the last 5 years, over 120 young Romanians were sent to specialization at international festivals such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Dubai Lynx.

The value of School’s program, speakers and strict selection of the students came fast, being confirmed by awards such as “Order of merit” (2008 and 2009) at Marketing Academic Challenge, ”Honourable Merit (2010) at  Young Marketers, Gold at Roger Hatchuel (2009 and 2010).