Facebook by Romanian towns and counties, from Facebrands.ro

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Facebrands.ro, a Romanian Facebook pages monitoring service recently launched, surpassed 5,000 pages and launched statistics regarding Facebook usage in Romanian towns and counties. The service was launched by Standout and Byte Flux.

According to Facebrands.ro, the usage data regarding Romanian towns and counties are calculated based on residence towns mentioned by users on their profiles.

Facebook has a total of 2,59M users in Romania from which 1,25 M (48.34%) mentioned their town on residence on their FB profile. From those 1,25M users, 24,22% (303,360) are from Bucharest.

Romanian towns with the most Facebook users, except Bucharest, are:

  • Cluj-Napoca – 105,100 users (8,39%)
  • Timisoara – 90,780 (7,25%)
  • Iasi – 84,440 (6,74%)
  • Constanta  – 61,860 (4,94%)
  • Brasov- 56,720 (4,53%)

“This is the 1st time when we can see the structure of Facebook usage in Romania at town and county level. Facebook advertising has an important local component and that is why this kind of info is more and more important”, Ionut Oprea, Standout manager, said.

Facebrands.ro is monitoring over 5,000 Romanian pages that belong to people and institutions, showing the evolution in fan numbers by day and by week, compared with pages from the same categories.

The pages are grouped on Facebrands.ro in 48 categories and 86 under-categories and also a general top of all Romanian Facebook pages.

Standout is an agency specialized in communications on blogs and social network, with 4 years experience on Romanian market. Standout is managing frequently campaigns on the most visited blogs and social networks in Romania, administrating a network of over 200 selected Romanian blogs.

Last year, the agency implemented campaigns for brands such as Orange, Rompetrol, Sony, Gealan, BCR, Coca-Cola, Toshiba, Dove, Rexona, HP, Beck’s, UPC, Santal, Jacobs, KLM, Titan, Praktiker, Dacia, Beko, Signal and Rama.

Byte Flux is a web and software development agency from Bucharest, with over 7 years experience in the field. It worked for media products such as Wall-Street.ro, Kuponiada.ro, Kudika.ro and Redutti.ro, also developing apps for Facebook and iPhone/iPad.