Dinu Patriciu sold Adevarul Holding shares to his own Netherlands company

Marketing, Media

Dinu Patriciu sold 99.92% of its participation as a physical person at Adevarul Holding towards Fast Europe Media, his company registered in Netherlands.

Patriciu said that all transactions’ details will be made public on Thursday, in a conference organized by Adevarul Holding.

He said that he took the decision to sell the shares in order to allow company’s development in Central and Eastern Europe.

Adevarul Holding, controlled by Dinu Patriciu, has in portfolio Adevărul and Adevărul de seară (dailies), Click! (tabloid), OK!, Dilema veche, Dilemateca and Foreign Policy Romania (magazines) and the Ukraine daily Blik, the luxury books collections Adevărul and a number of supplements and complementary products.

The international division of the group also includes newsrooms in Spain and Italy, opened in 2007. Adevărul Holding is also editing Forbes România and  Tango magazines.