Romanian State TV wants official bloggers at Eurovision 2012


Romanian State Television launched a contest to select official bloggers that would write about Eurovision 2012 national selection.

In a post on Romanian Eurovision’s official page, the TV station tries to lure bloggers with the live action in TVR’s studios, offering access to the “green room”, the occasion to feel the pulse of “the hottest European musical competition” and the possibility to be close to important people for Romanian musical industry.

The Romanian national selection for Eurovision will take place on March 10 and will be broadcasted live on TVR 1, TVR HD and TVR International

It is the 1st time when Romanian State Television has the initiative to get close to social media and to invite bloggers to be present at one of its shows, after a few other Romanian private TV stations had bloggers in their shows.

According to TVR’s article, the selected bloggers will be provided Sony laptops, access to all the preparations for the selections and a TVR representative at their disposition, to give them all the needed information.

The bloggers selection takes place on March 5-7, with the winners to be announced on March 8th.

To enter the race to become official blogger in TVR’s initiative, bloggers must write an article on their blog in which to explain why they are with their eyes on Eurovision and why they want to be in TVR’s studio to see live the National selection. They also need to place a link in their article to TVR’s post.

The selection of the official bloggers will take in consideration the motivation of the article and blog’s reputation.