Urban culture creativity, in focus at Sub25, an online magazine by Bortun Olteanu

Media, PR

Bortun Olteanu PR agency launched, few days ago, Sub25, an online magazine that rounds-up urban culture creativity manifestations, covering subjects like art, fashion, photo, film, music, shows and others.

The newly launched initiative aims to become a destination for all people interested in cultural innovation, youth&adolescence imagistics, emergent trends in urban spaces, cultural concepts and their genesis.

Bortun OlteanuD/G/Tal managed the project management for Sub25, while design and visual identity came from Nicu Duta (Kitra) and Hello Menthol (Project Manager: Alexu Toader, Art Director: Andrei Argaetic). Netvibes handled the implementation of the website.

The online magazine is available, in Romanian, here. Sub25 is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.