Pepsi partners with Romanian The Institute’s platform of events

Creativity, Events

Pepsi brand became partner of Romanian The Institute – founder of AdPrint, Internetics, Institute, The Magazine, Agencies Night and organizer Effie Awards Romania, ADC*Ro School and “10 years of Romanian creativity”.

Pepsi is now partner for the entire platform of events The Institute, that includes some of the most important events and festival of Romanian marcom industry.

14 years, when we started organizing festivals, we wished for strong competitions and to manage to develop solid communities around them. Today, we enjoy the recognition we receive from the industry, but also support from important partners, that joined this platform and understand its importance. I am glad that Pepsi joined The Institute’s partners and I hope we will make beautiful projects together

Andrei Bortun

CEO The Institute.

Pepsi wants, through this partnership, to support the projects of a creative community based on communication. The Institute brings together professions that generate content, the type of content that gets the attention of a brand like Pepsi. Moreover, the references that this platform’s events and competitions highlight are useful also in general for this sector. We started last year, punctually, with Internetics, but we’re happy of the partnership we made with The Institute

Calin Clej

Marketing Manager Beverages PepsiCo Romania.

For 2013, The Institute is preparing a new event for creative industries.