Online flower shop in Subway – a 1st in Romania from Vodafone

Marketing, Mobile

After launching the 1st digital library in Bucharest Subway,Vodafone comes with a new interactive initiative, launching the 1st digital flower shop in the Underground.

We started from the idea that, among the ones that go up and down in a hurry between stations, there are also people that think of their loved ones. People that love surprises but love even more to make surprises to others and don’t need a special reason for that. For people that give flowers in any occasion, Vodafone launches Vodafone Flower Shop. Until November 30th, the digital Vodafone flower shop will be available to the public also in an innovative space, Victoriei Station (…)

Angus Slater

Marketing Officer, Vodafone Romania.

The people that want to send flowers can send them anywhere in the country by scanning the QR codes in the digital flower shop in Victoriei station, using their mobile phones or tablets. People that don’t travel by Subway or aren’t living in Bucharest can access directly the website The flower shop makes available 10 types of bouquets, that can be ordered from any telecom network and have costs that start from Euro 7 (no VAT), by filling in a standard form that demands for recipient’s data (name, surname, complete address). Vodafone clients will have special discounts. The flowers will be paid via SMS and will appear directly in the invoice for subscribers or will be taken off the prepaid credit. The delivery will be made in max. 24hrs from the moment when the order is received, anywhere in the country. Flowers price also include the transport.

The project was developed by Vodafone Romania in partnership with and Metrorex, with support from McCann Erickson Romania.