UPDATED: Romanian start-up gathered Euro 550,000 in 9 months for Solitaire on Facebook

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UPDATED: During The Next Web – StartUp Awards, Mavenhut got 3 awards: the start-up of the year, best co-founder for Bobby Voicu (co-founder Mavenhut) and Best app for Solitaire Arena.

Solitaire Arena, a game launced in 2012 by 3 Romanians, Bobby Voicu, Cristi Badea and Elvis Apostol (that graduated StartUp Bootcamp Dublin, managed to secure for the company founded by the 3 of them, Mavenhut Ltd., an investment of Euro 550,000 from SOS Ventures, Irish-American investments fund.

Online games developed in the same time with Facebook and now they reached milestones never dream of 2-3 years ago. We are happy to be part of the new wave, where games really became social because they can be played in real time, with friends or people from all over the world. Moreover, we are happy we manage to transform a game such Solitaire – a game that, by definition, is played alone –   in a social activity, in a game that you can play, in the same time, together with friends

Cristi Badea,

Co-Founder Mavenhut Ltd

The main directions of Mavenhut for the next year are tied by the increase of the team in Romania and we want to add a bigger number of games in our portfolio. Obviously, we don’t want to slow down the increase of the games we already have, with Solitaire Arena being the most performant. We didn’t want to grow artificially either. We don’t want that either in what concerns the team, as we prefer to hire slower but better, or the product. For the moment, we focus on improving players’ experience and motivating them to invite as much friends as possible in the game

Bobby Voicu.

The start-up is competing at The Next Web – StartUp Awards, where Mavenhut can be voted in 3 categories: Romanian 2012’s StartUp, the app of the year for Solitaire Arena and co-founder of the year for Bobby Voicu.