Brands&Bears made a new ad for Hochland

Ads, Creativity

Brands&Bears developed the new communication campaign for sliced cheese from Hochland. The campaign proposes to consumers a faster alternative to make sandwiches.

We kept the concept Creativity In the Kitchen, but we completed it with a new episode from Hochland cooks story. The new product targets active people that don’t have time to even cut a slice of cheese

Cristian Bulfinschi,

General Manager Brands&Bears.


The ad was produced by Saga Film and directed by Lawrence Jacomelli, with Krum Rodriguez – DOP.

Brands&Bears: Gabriel Coman (copywriter), Dan Dragan (art director), Felicia Bolboceanu (Account Manager).

Hochland: Andreea Marincescu – Marketing Manager, Adriana Mihali –Brand Manager, Corina Sarcinschi –Marketing Assistant.