Grolsch launches SwingPunk experience

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Grolsch prepares for May 30th, in Energiea pub, a new experience, SwingPunk, an evening under creativity and innovation sign, during which an unique concept can be experienced, Pop-up machines, that open simultaneously a big number of Grolsch bottles.

The person behind SwingPunk is Polish Bury, that comes for the 1st time in Romania. Artist, performer and inventor, he was born and raised in Tatra Mountains and is a charismatic and eccentric multipreneur. He owns a restaurant in Bukowina Tarzańska and, in his spare time, sculpts and creates unique objects.


Grolsch is a premium brand with Dutch roots, with a 400 years history. The brand targets young people with a passion for contemporary art and experiential activities. Grolsch slogan is “For experimentalists since 1615”.

Swing Punk_Grolsch