Action Global Communications won 2 EMEA Sabre awards

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Holmes Report awarded Action Global Communications with 2 trophies at this year’s edition of EMEA Sabre Gala, that took place last week, in Barcelona.

The founder of the agency, Tony Christodoulou, received the Sabre award for „Outstanding Individual Achievement”, honoring his life dedicated to PR and his innovative approach of the profession.

I want to share this award with my wife and kids and also with my extended family, my over 300 employees and affiliates team from North Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East (…) In the over 40 years that passed since I founded Action Global Communications, I always considered a priority the interests of our clients, that entrusted us with their brands’ reputation. Although our industry is in a continuous change, some things always remain the same. I am proud this tradition is a guiding light for everything we’re doing today

Tony Christodoulou.

Action Global Communications was designated the Mediterranean Agency of the Year at EMEA Sabre Awards gala, being known for its powerful management at local level and its determination to enter emergent markets

We are happy for this prize, especially considering the Mediterranean region is our home and the basis on which we developed the international network we have today

Chris Christodoulou

Director Action Global Communication

Founded 40 years ago, Action Global Communications has a network of 44 owned and partner agencies in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS countries, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean area.

Its global portfolio includes leader companies in different economical sector, regional players and local companies, institutions and international organizations that are using network’s strategic counseling and its geographical spread.

Action Global Communication team

Tony Christodoulou- Action Global Communication founder