G2 & Ogilvy Action rebrand under a new identity – Geometry Global. European network unveiled the new identity across all markets.


WPP agency Geometry Global – the largest and most geographically complete activation agency in the world – marked its official entrance in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with a coordinated launch of the new identity across its 24 offices in EMEA region. This is yet another step in the launch of the autonomous global network within WPP, a process that started in June 2013.

Part of the continued integration process, EMEA offices were involved in a collective effort to welcome the arrival of the new Geometry Global brand with a number of local initiatives designed to mark the beginning of a new era for the recently formed agency. These initiatives include fully rebranding the offices and events for staff and key stakeholders to mark the unveiling of the new identity.

Today marks the birth of Geometry Global in our region and a key milestone in creating a global presence for the brand. We are absolutely delighted to celebrate the arrival of our new, dynamic identity that communicates our expertise in precision activation perfectly. Geometry Global will truly be greater than the sum of its parts and we believe will be a key player shaping the industry in years to come

Pietro Leone

EMEA Chief Executive Officer Geometry Global

Geometry Global visual identity tells the story behind the brand and reflects the philosophy of the new agency: “Precision Activation”.

In Romania, the newly resulted Geometry agency comes from a rebranding of both G2 and Ogilvy Action, that will start communicating from now on under the global name Geometry Global.

Mircea Pascu

Starting with Geometry Global, the “efficiency” and “precision” are translated in terms of a brand: the agency which offers services that both analyses the complexities of the journey to purchase and deliver a precise activation solution across multiple channel.  Today we will celebrate the new formed agency on the local market, together with our team – 120 employees – that have expertise covering all the integrated communication areas. Geometry Global Romania does not only have an impressive support from EMEA, but it represents at the same time a good player with a unique expertise for those clients which desire for measurement, creativity and differentiation on market

Mircea Pascu,

Managing Director Geometry Global Bucharest.

The main objective for Geometry is to become the most imaginative, efficient and influential activation network in the world. At the launch of the new identity, the network has 3,609 employees in 56 countries, with over half of them specialized in digital. Around 50 languages are spoken all over the new Geometry network.

In Romania, the agency has 150 employees and positions itself as the biggest full service agency in Romania.

We found out about the changes in the start of 2013 and we moved OgilvyAction in the house. We represent the first agency in Romania entirely owned by a network and we are handling the biggest FMCG account on the market (Kent – more then 1 million euro investment a year)

Mircea Pascu.

Also, people working for Geometry Global Romania are multi-talented

Alina Buzatu

We don’t believe in a person being specialized only on a media field. We want people who can do more than just digital

Alina Buzatu,

Head of Strategy Geometry Romania.

Still, everybody in the agency has to know very well the digital world (regardless of the fact they work in the creative department, in client service or strategy). We have a structure formed of specialists, but their key role is to make sure the whole platform takes in account the digital

Mircea Pascu

The rebranding as Geometry also reflected over the work flow and the processes followed within the agency, looking more at people and giving more attention to who they are and what style they have. According to Pascu, that strategy generated results as, from the start of the year, the agency had a 70% success rate in all the pitches it entered.

As a rule, the agency only agrees to participate in pitches along with big agencies, considered to represent the direct competition.

According to Pascu, Geometry Bucharest also won a significant number of clients without any pitch, especially when it came of shopper marketing, an area where he says that “we don’t have competition on the market”.

The purchase decision is no longer liniar or sequential. Finding patterns in a complex world is our purpose. We try to find the points of influence where we can have the greatest impact on behaviour. Precision activation is all about content+context+connections

Alina Buzatu

In 2013, the agency aims for a slight growth of its total revenues. The big plans are for 2014, when there are hopes that Geometry Global will reach a higher growth than the average growth of the Romanian advertising  industry. “We hope that 2014 will be the first year of the revival of the Romanian advertising market since the crises has begun”.

Geometry Global EMEA operates 24 offices in 16 countries and boasts a client roster that includes some of the world’s most renowned brands. The pan-regional integration builds on the award-winning creativity and consumer insights talent inherent in the combined agency, ensuring Geometry Global will service its clients with greater resource, talent and a bigger geographical footprint than ever before.




IMG_3768[1] Mihai-Fetcu


Romanita Oprea

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