Naked PR – an educational specialized PR project – to be launched in Romania in October


Naked PR – an educational project that will involved a series of workshops that aim to unveil things “without PR” and to unveil truths, secrets, strategies and challenges from the inner world of PR industry – is to be launched in Romania on October 21nd.

Conceived as a “laboratory”, Naked is the place where professionals, wise people and innovators from PR are meeting up to explain the main things related to how PR is one for different industries, with all the specific image twists.

Therefor, Naked PR presents, in this autumn’s season, Business PR, Fashion PR, Celebrities PR and Cultural & Arts PR.


The tutors from Naked PR, specialists with confirmed value in their field of activity, are prepare to create a “Sharing” experience that changes, moves and transforms the professional life and aspirations of the participant. During Naked sessions, there will be presented resources and work instruments (innovative, “next big thing”, full of revelations), “Brain” knowledge – perfect for innovative stormings -, tips&tricks from the one that make history in creative PR in Romania 3.0.

Naked PR targets all those that look for upgrades and newins, no matter they are professionals, wannabes, employers or PR fans.

Business PR workshop will be held by Mirela Bucovicean (founder Molecule F).

If I would’ve known from the start of my business career at least a quarter from what I know now, my path would’ve been much easier and much faster. I want to share from what I’ve learned in 22 years of personal experience, activating in over 13 industries. We stat from 0, we work together the business ideas, we make development and network plans, we learn how to PR-ize ourselves and our own business, we find together the road to success. Come and discover yourself as “business unit”. Who knows, maybe we become business partners

Mirela Bucovicean.

Ana Bucur (Brand Manager Gucci Romania) and Noemi Revnic (PR The Place and owner of the lifestyle and culture blog Placerile lui Noe / Noe’s Pleasures) will host the Fashion PR workshop.

Fashion is one of the most dynamic domains and the fashion communication, with its particularities, must keep an alert pace. Today, with the development of the technology, permanent access to information and the continuous globalization of the market, challenges are bigger and objectives are set higher and higher.

Our Fashion PR class is conceived to offer not just a theoretical base with precise communication instruments, but also show their practical usage, illustrated and applied on set examples and case studies

Ana Bucur & Noemi Revnic


Celebrities workshop will be held by Adelina Bortan (PR specialist at Prima TV).

During Celebrities PR workshop, we will focus more on the practical side. We will talk about PR strategies, story brokering or how important is the story, how to build the social image for a public person. I will unveil insights from this area of PR and we will meet celebrities that understood the importance of PR in increasing notoriety

Adelina Bortan.

Anca Danila (PR Carturesti) will give more details on cultural PR – for books, book-stores and urban culture events – during the workshop Cultural&Arts PR

You know how it is to really love a movie, a book or a meal course and you want to tell everyone about the experience you had? That’s how it is going to be at the Cultural & Arts PR, where we will be talking about inspirational brands, the first publishing house launch, urban culture events and how to keep up with everything that happens in the cultural environment. I have a lot of stories that I can hardly wait to share

Anca Danila.

Film PR will make the subject of Cultural & Arts PR workshop also, and its details and secrets will be unveiled by Catalin Anchidin.

Each of us has a favorite movie. Same as each of us make our own projections when it comes of the projects we are getting involved into. How to adapt to a world that sells reams and how to make so you, at your turn, can sell them forward? That’s what we will try to tell together at Naked PR

Catalin Anchidin.

Irina Milenkovici and Suzana Vasilescu will unveil the secrets of PR for art galleries

Each of the Naked workshops lasts for 7 weeks and costs RON 900 (@Euro 200, payable in 2 rates). The workshops are scheduled to take place during week days, in the interval 18.30 – 21.00.