TEDxBucharest: Make it Happen at the 5th edition


Organized under TED license, TEDxBucharest returns with its 5th edition, scheduled to take place on November 9th, in Bucharest. The event will present to the public 20 speakers and performers from Romania, but also from UK, Norway or Bulgaria, that have unique life experience and are known professionals in fields such as economics, extreme sports, IT&C, digital art, law, journalism, architecture or social involvement.

Among TEDx Bucharest 2013 speakers are:

  • Paul Radu, awarded Romanian investigative journalist, Knight International Fellow and founder Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism. He headed the investigation department at Evenimentului Zilei and collaborated with BBC News Night, ABC News 20/20, NBC and CBS. In present, he is developing a special investigation journalism project at international level
  • George Popescu, co-founder Boston Technologies, one of top 500 most promising start-ups in US
  • Yana Buhrer Tavanier, TED Fellow and activist for human rights
  • Karina Hollekim, sky athlete and a fan of extreme sports such as BASE jumping and skydiving
  • Simina Tanasescu, Romanian specialist recognize in constitutional law at EU’s level

This year, we expect around 800 TEDx fans that will listen to the impressive stories of some special people. Same as during the previous years, the public that participates to TEDx includes beautiful and curious people, that are contributing and are invested in their communities. They are interested in authentic success examples of Romanians or by the out-of-the-box stories of the international speakers and consider TEDx as a change factor

Andrei Dinu,

Organizer, TEDxBucharest 2013.

Each of the speakers present at the event will have a presentation that will last maximum 18 minutes, with most presentation to e in English. After the event, all the presentation will be available on TEDx’s video platform.

The interested people can but tickets for the event on TEDx Bucharest’s website. The tickets cost Euro 100 and can be bought until November 8th.

The partners that support the event in 2013 are BRD Groupe Societe Generale, Petrom, Pepsico, Grolsch, The Public Advisors, Hello Menthol, while Adevarul is strategic media partner.

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În spiritul “idei care merită împărtășite”, TED a creat TEDx, o platformă de evenimente locale, organizate independent, ce adună oameni care împărtășesc o experiență tip TED. TEDxBucharest s-a alăturat inițiativei internaționale încă de la început, din 2009, când au luat naștere și conferințele locale din întreaga lume.

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