Victor Piturca and Andreea Marin – most publicized celebrities in October – November


Andreea Marin holds the first place in the top of the most publicized female celebrities in the print press, for the second month in a row, with 137 mentions, according to a mediaTrust analysis. Her professional activity, her tabloid occurrences, combined with her getting engaged to her Turkish boyfriend were only some of the subjects in the articles she was mentioned. Second ranked in women’s top is Romanian starlet Bianca Dragusanu (90 mentions), followed by Loredana Groza (88, mostly connected to her professional activity and her participation as juror in “The Voice of Romania”TV show), Mihaela Radulescu (52), Gabriela Cristea (44) and Antonia (43). A novelty in the top is Romanian actress Laura Cosoi, that enters the ranking on 7th place, with 39 mentions, followed by Iulia Vantur  (37), Andreea  Mantea (34) and Nicoleta Luciu (33).

Victor Piturca, coach of the Romanian national football team, ranks first in the top of the most extensively publicized male celebrities, with 399 mentions. The second place is assumed by Laurentiu Reghecampf, the coach of Steaua Bucharest football team, with 291 mentions. Steaua’s financier, Gigi Becali, continues to fill one of the first places in mediaTRUST classification, with 255 mentions recorded during the interval October 15 – November 14, 2013. The fourth place is held by the former president of the Professional Football League, Dumitru Dragomir, with 189 mentions. Getafe football player Ciprian Marica is ranked fifth in the top, with 167 mentions, followed by Gheorghe Hagi, with 165 mentions, and by Adrian Mutu, with 119.

When it comes of celebrities on covers, Victor Piturca maintains on the 1st place, with 69 mentions, followed by  Dumitru Dragomir (48) and Gigi Becali (47) .

The advertising value for Piturca’s coverage in media was of over Euro 1.54M, with next in line being Reghecampf (Euro 1.04M), Becali (Euro 1.02M), Hagi (Euro 0.76M) and Ciprian Marica (Euro 0.70M)

mediaTRUST report analyzes the Romanian celebrities’ popularity level based on their media exposure. The research also provides data on the advertising value equivalent (one of the indicators reflecting the efficiency of analyzed information) of each celebrity in the media. The analysis covered printed publications to have appeared between October 15 and November 14, 2013, monitored by mediaTRUST.

mediaTRUST Romania was established in 1999 and provides monitoring services to Romanian and foreign companies. Since 2004, the company has been a member of FIBEP, the main international organization monitoring agencies, and since October 2010 has been 100% owned by IMM – Institute of Media Monitoring Poland. Clients come from various sectors of the market, from finance to telecommunications, IT, pharmaceutical, energy, natural gas, oil, education, sports, culture, entertainment, politics.