Romanian WoPA signs a fundraising campaign for Hospice Casa Sperantei


Romanian agency WoPA  (Weapons of Public Attraction) signs a fundraising campaign for Hospice Casa Sperantei, declined OOH, online, social media, indoor and in media in the end of 2013 in order to gather funds for the Romanian non-profit medical association that provides free palliative assistance for kids and adults suffering of incurable diseases in Bucharest, Brasov, Fagaras and Zarnesti.

The campaign targets mainly medium and small companies that can redirect the 20% of their annual profit taxes to Hospice, due to Sponsorship Law, helping this way to provide better care to people suffering of incurable diseases.

We chose to use 3 different visuals, Andu and toys,  Traian and books and Elena and the painted ceramics collection in order to show 3 of the possible types of characters that can be around any of us and that we can help easier than we think

Luca Bulacu,

Creative Director WoPA.

 WoPA team that manages the campaign includes Ionut Datcu – strategy, Luca Bulacu – creative director, Mihai Gheorghiu – senior art director, Adrian Dragan – senior copywriter, Tania Oprea – junior copywriter and Magda Schnell – senior account manager.

Hospice’s team includes Razvan Tautu – brand manager, Daniel Bujorean – national PR coordinator and Laszlo Bodor – fundraiser.

In Romania, it is still insufficiently known the fact that Sponsorship Law allows companies to sponsor NGOs and to benefit of fiscal facilities. This campaign is, more than anything, an informational one, we can do more good than we realize sometimes

Ionut Datcu,

Managing Partner WoPA.

In the campaign, there were also involved, pro bono, Nicolae Cosniceru – photographer, VAFA Production – production house, Aleea Media – media agency and Brand Management – indoor media agency.

WOPA is an integrated communication agency with expertise in e-commerce, FMCG, real-estate, IT&C, pharma, energy and others. It has in portfolio clients such as eMAG, Colgate – Palmolive, VB Leasing, Siemens, Eco-Rom Ambalaje, Ionescu&Sava – Lawyers firm, Electrolux, Inditex, BRD, Bayer and others.

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