IAB Romania announced the first experts in Romanian online industry’s official panel

Creativity, Digital & Media

IAB Romania, Romanian online industry’s association affiliated to IAB Europe and IAB US, announced, yesterday, the first members of its IAB Experts panel. The panel was created in order to stimulate the professional development of each segment of the industry.

For the start, the panel includes people specialized in the hottest domains of the present, namely social media, mobile, online research and studies, measurement and metrics, digital video and future trends. Soon, experts from other segments of digital marketing will join, as all IAB Romania’s are invited to join the panel.

IAB Romania’s Experts Panel includes people with experience, results and know-how in different segments of digital, people that want to share their experience and contribute directly to growing the industry and future specialists in digital marketing, to represent the industry and its association, in work groups and local and international projects.

IAB Romania experts are validated by IAB Romania’s Board and the opportunity to actively participate in this panel is a recognition of the experience and know-how accumulated by each member in his field of activity.

The first members in IAB Romania’s Experts Panel are:

Mobile Marketing:

Social Media:

Online research and studies

  • Arina Ureche (General Manager, Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit – BRAT)
  • Gabriel Patru (Integrated Communication Manager, Media Direction)

There are also a few categories that have, for now, just one expert representing them within the panel, namely:

Measurement & Metrics – Adrian Motirlichie (Internet Project Director BRAT)
Digital Video – Cosmin Preda (Key Account Manager, Internet ProTV)
Future Trends – Alex Cernatescu (CEO, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Infinit Solutions)

The members of the Experts Panel will be involved in different activities, with the first ones to be unveiled in the next few weeks.

The next domains from which IAB Romania will select experts for the panel are Performance Marketing & Lead Generation, Display Advertising & Online Branding, B2B Digital Marketing, Legislation and public policies, Ad Serving/Technical aspects, Future Trends, Measurement & Metrics and Video Digital.