After a good 2013, Publicis Romania aims for a similar or better year

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Publicis Romania started 2014 with 4 out of 5 pitches won just in January, an exported campaign and 3 campaigns made for external markets.

The good start of the year comes after Publicis Romania had Euro 18M turnover in 2013, with its Digital division growing in a spectacular manner: 118% in 2013 compared to 2012.

Publicis Romania continues in 2014 the trend started in 2013, when it won 66% of the pitches it was involved in (21 won pitches our of a total of 32) and got in portfolio a series of new clients, among which Metropolitan Life, Pfizer, Subway and Alka.

Also last year, the agency exported 7 campaigns in 5 countries, for clients such as Orange, Winston and Nestlé; the exports of campaigns confirm another development for the agency in the last 3 years, as it exported a total of 24 campaigns in the mentioned period. 

The exported campaigns attracted the attention from foreign clients and the current year started with 3 campaigns developed for Turkey, Croatia and Ukraine.

When it comes of Publicis’ 2014 new clients, January brought the agency a new client, Dona Pharmacies, the digital communication account for Renault – Romanian Olympic Committee partnership for Soci Winter Olympics, and also 2 other won pitches: the launch of the new model of Nissan Qashqai (a project that includes ATL, BTL and Digital) and the development and implementation of the new promotional platform for Maggi .

Alex Badila

Even if the market doesn’t seem to show improving signs, 2014 has good signs for us. And the results during the last 18 months aren’t just a happening, they are the fruits of a well thought strategy in order to insure maximum efficiency and results

Alex Badila,

Managing Director Publicis Romania

The efficiency was improved considerably due to a rearrangement of the internal structure of the agency. For 2 years already, the Creative Department was structured on 4 groups, each lead by a Group Creative Director, while the Strategy and Digital departments were expanded, with focus on stimulating the work beyond the classical departmental functions.

Moreover, the agency continued its investments to extend its capabilities and resources in order to offer trade, Brand ID & Packaging development services and, especially, digital services.

The investments in insuring complete digital services, combining online and offline and integrating digital with the traditional resources of the agency generated an evolution that matches the plans we have

Alex Badila.

When it comes the campaigns signed by Publicis in the last 12 months, they combined successfully strategy, creation and digital with efficiency and innovation.