BlitzApp, Romanian app sending messages from mobile to screens in Bucharest Subway

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BlitzApp, mobile app developed by Romanian agencies iLeo and Breeze Mobile and recently awarded Silver for Best Use of Mobi Advertising at Mobilio Awards, is the 1st app in Romania synchronized with Blitz TV television network present in Bucharest subway’s stations.

Using the app, users can send messages directly from their mobile to the 300 screens present in Bucharest’s subway stations. The app offers customized and continuously updated content, including announcements, proximity info-news, optimized subway routes, videos, games and promotions. The announcements are also kept within the app and can be accessed by all its users.

BlitzApp is structured in 6 categories: Magazine, useful and classifieds bring info on events happening in town, optimized routes for subway travelling and newest classifieds posted by users while Club, Blitz TV and Games make available information and entertainment opportunities

We considered launching this platform of mobile apps starting from the potential of the over 300,000 people that travel by subway and use smartphones. According to a study we made in the start of the year, three quarters of them have apps installed on their mobiles (…) BlitzApp is a second screen type innovative app through which we increase the interaction degree with the 300 screens in Subway stations, offering both useful info and entertainment. We want to implement the 1st mobile newspaper in Romania. We are convinced that the possibility to post announcements for free on any of the 300 screens will be extremely appreciated by BlitzApp’s users. Our target by the end of the year is to have over 50.000 users for the app and, next year, to go over 100,000 mark, betting also on the growth of smartphones number in Romania

Constantin Caciur

Sales Manager Blitz TV.

From a technical point of view, BlitzApp is one of the most complex mobile platforms now and, from this perspective, it was a real challenge, as there are different sources of content updated frequently and that need to be dynamically arranged, without imposing new updates for the app. BlitzApp integrates in real time with the booking system of display spaces in subway stations and allows sowing different information on Blitz TV’s screens. Another challenge was to make the app in such a way that certain section would be functional also when there’s no access to the internet

Dan Virtopeanu

Managing Partner Breeze Mobile.

The app is available in AppStore and Google Play