Romanian gambling industry has a new association

Business, Marketing

RomBet is a new association for companies active on Romanian gambling and betting market and starts its activity aiming to efficiently develop the activity in gaming /betting sector. It will protect and promote the interest of its members and of their investments and will work to improve the relation between gambling/betting players and regulatory authorities. Also, it will promote professional competence on the profile market.

We are coming with a new approach of the market, a different relation with state institutions in this field, a balance between the business environment in this sector and regulatory institutions (…) Through us, all members will have an unique representative, with all the power and representation force gathered together in one association, which has full knowledge, experience and possibility to react to any “attack” targeting any domain in their activity area. Any operator active on gambling market is welcomed in our association

Dan Ghita

President, RomBet.

Dan Ghita accumulated experience on Romanian gambling market since 1998 and, in 2012, he became General Manager of Romanian Lottery