Ampro Design redrew Hochland Mixtett

Branding, Innovation

Romanian branding and packaging design agency AMPRO Design redrew the packaging for Hochland Mixtett cheese and made the design for the new assortments Con Carni and Picanterie.

In Romania, Hochland is market leader on cream cheese segment. Eager to continuously innovate, it organized quantitative and qualitative researches last year, and came up with the concept of  Mixtett Tematic, with 2 new assortments: Con Carni (salami, kaiser, prosciutto) and Picanterie (pepper, horse radish and chilli).

Mixtett 1

Mixtett 2

Mixtett 3

One of the main attributes associated by consumers with the cream cheese is variety and Hochland has the biggest range of assortments on the market to address this. Because we want to permanently keep up with consumers’ needs, we launched the 2 new Mixtett assortments, with specific taste profiles, to please the entire family

Catalina Sabadeanu,

Brand Manager.

Mixtett Tematic assortments came as an answer to consumers’ variety need, so we took over the idea and made sure that the new packaging continue to suggest that Hochland is close to consumers. We chose the concept of manually painted textile as symbol of things created by people from passion. Under the name “daring tastes”, the thematic sisters only had 1 challenge in their genesis and namely a strong chromatic differentiation

Francesca Muresan

Packaging Designer

The teams working on the project included

  • Hochland: Andreea Marincescu (Marketing Manager), Catalina Sabadeanu (Brand Manager) and Denisa Jalba (Junior Brand Manager)
  • AMPRO Design: Irinel Ionescu (Creative Director), Francesca Muresan (Senior Designer), Mihaela Dumitrescu (Client Service Director), Mirela Soare (Account Manager).