A campaign against violence towards children, signed by Armada for Save the Children Romania 

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Armada developed, together with Save the Children Romania, a campaign to fight violence against children and that aims to fight also the easiness Romanians are treating the abuse against the children by diminishing the level of social acceptance for the phenomena and encouraging the positive education techniques.

Floor Sticker Salvati Copiii

“A mother slapped her daughter because she didn’t want to eat. So what?”. This was the reaction we got when we started the research for the campaign we made this year for Save the Children. The real problem is that, in Romania, in 2013, the violence against children is something normal. 63% of Romanian children are beaten and most of us are revolting against this situation by doing nothing

Loredana Marin,

Copywriter Armada


The campaign doesn’t aim to fight exclusively the brutal violence against kids, the cases signaled by police or justice, but to approach the easy and moderated cases, those who don’t attract attention, that one can’t see in news, but which are the majority and most frequent ones

Maria Bucur,

Strategic Planner


The campaign will benefit of large media coverage both on TV and radio but also with a special project in cinemas, editorial content in mass-media and unconventional promotion on different channels (public institutions, hypermarkets, malls and so on)

We are used with advertising presenting us perfect family situations, in which the solution for the problems with children is a wonder product – a wash-powder, a good margarine, a nutritional supplement. In reality, the things aren’t like that. Parents that are in a difficult situation are using, in over 60% of cases, yelling, swearing, hitting and shaking. It would be impossible to propose a miraculous cure for this but, through a mix tested techniques and solutions, Save the Children manages to offer an useful tool to help those families

Silvia Dumitru,

Senior Art Director

Armada’s team working on this campaign included Silvia Dumitru – Senior Art Director, Loredana Marin – copywriting, Maria Bucur – Strategy& project management and Adrian Albu – Creative Director