mediaTRUST Romania launched a new version of its monitoring platform

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Romanian monitoring company mediaTRUST relaunched its online platform in an optimized version, which offers users an intuitive experience in mass-media landscape and facilitates the identification of relevant information and the conception of successful campaigns.

mediatrust generic

Besides the option to retroactively search materials in mediaTrust’s archive, the online platform allows users to export and download press files in different formats, to generate analysis reports for data, graphics and tables and to search info depending of their relevance (aMI – internet monitoring, admonit – advertising monitoring and the analytic mode – generator of graphics and tables) which aims to generate access to the information of interest. The instrument also allows setting alarms and notifications in real time, an option extremely useful during crisis periods.


The new characteristics of the platform also include access to all media results available in just one place, selecting the type of media and showing all publications in that sector, with separate icons for blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter.

By diversifying and modernizing the functions, the new platform improves the way our clients and collaborators are using our resources in their activity. We are permanently aiming to adapt our services to our clients’ needs, to maintain and improve the high standard of the premium products offered by mediaTRUST

Bogdan Apostol,

General Manager mediaTRUST Romania

mediaTRUST Romania, part of Media Monitoring Institute  Poland, offers to its clients access to info published daily in mass media (print, online, radio and TV) from 15 countries in CEE. Since 2004, the company is member in FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse) and it is member in Romanian BRAT (Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit) and ARMA (Romanian Association for Audience Measurement) since 2014.