Renania Romania – business growth for the 6 quarters

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After massive investment in technology and business modernization coupled with prolific recruitment and a new customer relations strategy for clients, providers and partners from the Renania Academy Safety Forum, Renania records steady growth.


In the first quarter of 2015, compared to 2014, the net profit increased by 18 %, while the turnover increased by 16 %.

f taudor_DSC4772 portrait

This is the 6th semester in a row when we receive evaluations that come to certify another season of growth for Renania. These are spectacular results, given the fact that we are facing budget pressures, currency fluctuations, which are a challenge for any company if we consider the fact that the world economies (see China or Greece) are going through major crisis, with a potential impact for any business.

Frequently we encounter uncommon situations which /that influence our performance, having no previous similar experiences or a pattern to approach them, which also comes as a challenge for our creativity – but this only makes things more interesting and I think that a big advantage for me and my team is the fact that we have the possibility to make decisions on the spot, with immediate impact.

The performances recorded in the first quarter of 2015 stands as a proof of quality for the strategy implemented in the last 3 years at Renania and at the same time predicts a steady evolution of the company for the next period of time.

I want to thank my colleagues and the management team. Thanks to their mobilization, the vision of aligning the Renania business to the demands of any contemporary business, up to date with technology and clients’ expectations, has become palpable reality.

Florentina Taudor,

General Director Renania.

Renania is the safety industry leader in Romania, with 19 years of tradition in the import, distribution and consultancy in the occupational safety area.