BDR Associates – 20 years on Romanian market

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Romanian PR agency BDR Associates celebrates 20 years of activity on Romanian communication market.

Launched initially as a classic PR agency, BDR Associates extended its area of competences with practices in public affairs, crisis management, reputation management, corporate communication, internal communication, specialized trainings, creative development, branding, social media and digital, corporate social responsibility, research and sectorial analysis, among other.

The agency made a specialty of communication activities for economic projects, such as merges or company take overs, privatizations, listings on the stock exchange, etc., assisting clients in most industries, energy, financial –banking sector, healthcare, culture or other areas of activity.

After starting its activity in 1995, BDR reached a peak in 2002, when it opened its first office abroad, in Moldova, followed by launching new offices in Azerbaijan, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Serbia and Ukraine. Moreover, the agency was involved in major European projects either individually or by partnering other international consultancy companies.

Since the very beginning we embraced our status as pathfinder along with the full complexity of this state, given the fragility of the communication’s early days in Romania, we became market shapers and we were not afraid to go off the beaten track and promote our professional values even in the less comfortable times. The 20 years of activity provided us with knowledge and top level professional experiences, major challenges in our field which we try to take advantage of when assisting our clients. The key of BDR’s success lies in its vision going beyond the conventional understanding of communication, by tailoring our approach to fit each client’s specifics, analyzing, building scenarios, keeping everything into perspective so as to deliver the most efficient and innovative communication solutions. BDR means professional maturity, strategy and creativity, put in the best light by the valuable input of our clients. Our success is actually our clients’ success, and we owe them everything we are today

Catalina Rousseau,

Founder & CEO BDR Associates.

BDR Associates exceeded the EUR 1 million turnover threshold in early 2000s and cumulated over EUR 15M in the past 10 years from consultancy and strategic communication activities.