Cannes Lions appointed jury presidents for Creative Data and Innovation Lions

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Cannes Lions appointed Tash Whitmey and Emad Tahtouh as jury presidents for this year’s Lions Innovation, the specialist event that explores data and tech as catalysts for creativity.

Emad Tahtouh, Director of Applied Technology at Finch and president of the Innovation Lions jury, said that he was “looking forward to Cannes this year with a nervous anticipation and excitement as to how the creative world has either further developed or utilized technologies.”

Emad Tahtouh_Innovation Lions


While technology continues to grow at an exponential rate, so too do the creative executions that either support or utilise them. In the last 12 months we have witnessed yet another technology explosion in various areas. VR/360 Film, Wearables, Biotech, Electric Vehicles, amongst many more, continue to boom and become more and more powerful each day. I am confident that this year the jury will set a new benchmark for what our industry considers true innovation.

The Creative Data Lions have evolved for 2016. New categories have been included to recognise smart problem-solving through the creative use of data, including Data-Driven Targeting and Business-to-Business Data Solution.

Tash_Whitmey_Creative Data LionsTash_Whitmey_Creative Data Lions

Tash Whitmey, Chief Executive Officer, Havas helia:

As the role of data in marketing becomes more widely known and accepted, welcomed even, we need to celebrate but also provide guidance to an industry that begins to understand how data can effectively help as part of the creative process. It’s clear to me that data is the future of marketing. As such, the jury need to look for brilliant examples of how data has been used to inform and inspire creativity in a way that delivers insightful and helpful solutions, with business changing results.

Lions Innovation takes place across 21-22 June 2016. A two day Festival of technology, data and start-up focused content will be drawn to a close by the Awards Ceremony which will see both presidents reveal and honour this year’s winners. Philip Thomas, CEO, Lions Festivals, said it was clear that Emad and Tash have a ‘strong grasp on the realities of their industries’ and as such it would be a definitive year for the Innovation and Creative Data Lions.

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