Sid Lee Paris released interactive “making of” films for new Breakbot x Pages Jaunes collaboration

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Sid Lee Paris is celebrating the recent hit artist Breakbot’s new clip “My Toy”, with the launch of a series of  behind-the-scenes mini case-studies, the backbone of the interactive music video. Throughout the shoot of the joint project with PagesJaunes (France’s Yellow Pages), Ed Banger Records, and AB/CD/CD, Sid Lee Paris took backstage footage and interviewed the myriad amateur professionals who were chosen from the French business

The music video features a race of women who develop a male robot throughout time. In order to fulfill the different roles involved in the film, from technicians and artists to suppliers and those in front of the camera, the collaborators sifted through France’s business directory to call up professionals from all corners of France. The dancers’ costumes, the florist who delivered 20,000 rose petals, a hair stylist, a boa constrictor over 3 meters long (and its trainer)… all were chosen through a PagesJaunes search.

Thanks to the “making of” films, the the web version of the clip become an interactive adventure. As the video plays, the audience can click on different icons to learn more about individual professionals through interviews, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating such an elaborate production. The ad agency produced forty or so mini-films (watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of them), during which artists Breakbot, Irfane and Pedro Winter accompany viewers around the set.

The music video, which features the hashtag #BreakbotxYellowPages, are available here.


We are very pleased to share the “My Toy” clip. The result goes way beyond our expectations. We called on our good friends at AB/CD/CD, with whom we’ve been working for ages. This great partnership enabled us to put together an outstanding team. The film is very faithful to the creators’ story board and gives off  incredible sensual energy we think everyone will find cool.


Our objective is to showcase the talent of PagesJaunes professionals through concrete, original projects. With Breakbot, we were able to give real PagesJaunes pros the chance to take part in a music video.

This is the very first video of this kind in France. We wanted to strengthen the public’s preference for PagesJaunes professionals and discover their talent.

Sid Lee Paris:

This project is so much more than a commercial. The PagesJaunes brand invites viewers to step behind the scenes and see how the clip was created, step by step, from preparation at Ed Banger records up to shooting in the studio, paying tribute to all the pros involved.


We’d been hoping for a long time to get a chance to work together with Breakbot. “My Toy” was just the right project: bold and creative! “My Toy” portrays men objectified by women, a story line we liked. We decided to take the “My Toy”’ theme literally. What is today’s ideal man? A robot! We decided to describe the development of a male robot in a world made up exclusively of women.

Sid Lee Paris:
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Directors: Céline et Clément Mornet Landa
Art Directors: Yoann Plard, Jules Jolly
Managing Partner: Johan Delpuech
Deputy General Manager: Bruno Lee
Account Director: Jean-baptiste Destabeau
Account Manager: Thomas Lec’hvien
Production Director: Thomas Laget
Producer: Pauline Couten
Digital production Director: David Bismut
Digital producer: Clément Cassajus
Brand Management PagesJaunes:
Executive Director: Christophe Pingard
Deputy Executive Director: Julien Ampollini
Brand and Advertising Director SoLocal Group: Gérard Lenepveu
Advertising and Media Manager SoLocal Group: Yann Drumare
Communication Manager: Isabelle Druesne
Artist: Breakbot
Label: EdBanger Records
Record Company: Because music
Director “My Toy” clip : AB / CD / CD
Production “My Toy” clip: Partizan
Director Brand Content: Dimitri Pailhe
Digital Production: 60fps
Fashion designer: Xénia Gasull
Choreographer: Catherine Ematchoua